Breaking: Georgia’s Gov. Kemp Sued!

Down south in Georgia, the audit is heating up!

The Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, has been served papers from Kandiss Taylor.

Taylor, his campaign rival, is a Conservative mother of three, running for Governor of Georgia in 2022.

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Her campaign platform is focused on election integrity and urges for a forensic audit of the machines and ballots from the 2020 election.

The epic video that shows Ms. Taylor suing Governor Kemp was released Friday 5/28.

It proves that the people want an audit!

Watch below to see Ms. Taylor serving Governor Kemp with papers asking for a forensic audit:

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It was discovered that there were discrepancies (21%) between the number of ballots certified and the number of ballot batches actually provided by court-order access in the previous hearing of the case.

Once these discrepancies were found, judge Amero demanded a motion to unseal ballots.

The upcoming review will investigate around 147,000 mail-in ballots in Fulton County.

If everything has been done properly, there should be nothing to hide!

Even Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has also made a complete reversal, as he now states that “whenever we can restore, or have a process that will help restore voter confidence, I think that’s a good thing”.

The audit is now covered by left-leaning MSN, that reports:

“A longtime voting activist in Georgia and well-known conspiracy theorist, Garland Favorito, is spearheading a campaign in Fulton County to review the 2020 election results. He filed a lawsuit earlier this year against the county alleging improper counting and fraudulent ballots.

According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, the case includes testimony from Republican Party members who allege to have witnessed suspiciously “pristine” absentee ballots. The lawsuit also claims there were notable increases among votes for Biden late on election night.

The attempted review comes even after election officials in the state counted ballots three times, audited voter signatures, and opened several investigations, before certifying Biden’s win, according to the AJC.

Favorito told the AP he voted for Don Blankenship, the US Constitution Party candidate in the 2020 election.

“Our ultimate objective is the truth. What is the truth of this election?” Favorito told the outlet. “Don’t tell us what the results are and then hide it from us and pretend we have to accept whatever you tell us.”

Where are they in the process of a possible audit?

Favorito and company secured a massive win last week, when a judge ruled the plaintiffs in the lawsuit could inspect 147,000 mail ballots. Unlike the Maricopa audit, Fulton County’s review would not focus on a ballot recount. Instead, the judge said he would order county officials to create high-resolution digital images to determine the legitimacy of the ballots.

A judge had plans to consider procedures for the digital inspections on Friday, but postponed the meeting in light of motions by Fulton County to dismiss the case, the AJC reported.”

The start of Georgia’s forensic audit was scheduled on May 28th, but Judge Amero granted a delay to hear motions filed by Fulton County.

However, the evidence of massive voter fraud cannot be left hidden!

The Gateway Pundit reported on the Georgia voter fraud witnessed on November 3rd:

“With a GA judge ordering the audit of 145,000 mail-in ballots in Fulton County it is important to remember how events transpired on Nov. 3.

There were over 106,000 ballots adjudicated in Fulton County, an enormous number!

Video footage shows everyone cleared out of the State Farm Arena on election night, but 4-people stayed behind & continued to count ballots in private from around 10:30 pm until 1:00 am.

As The Gateway Pundit first reported in December 2020 — This included scanning the same sets of ballots multiple times.

In GA, Biden received 98% of a 23,487 batch of votes at 12:18 am.

The largest and most anomalous vote update happened at 1:34 am on Nov. 4, with 136,155 votes going to Biden and 29,115 votes going to Trump.

And there’s more from several witnesses:

Claims made by six hand count auditors in the Civil Action allege they had observed:

  • three boxes containing I00% Biden ballots and three boxes containing 98% + Biden ballots
  • ballots that were not marked with a writing instrument but appeared to be marked with toner
  • ballots that were different in the stock or paper used to other ballot papers
  • ballots that were not creased
  • nine unsecured ballot bags

Additionally, it was claimed that an Open Records Request to inspect the ballots while in the custody of the Fulton County Elections Board was not responded to in accordance with but contrary to state law.

A statistical analysis of 8,954 vote updates, categorized this specific 1:34 am update as one of the top four most anomalous in the country.

There are nine witness affidavits testifying to stacks of unusual mail-in ballots with “pristine sheets, no creases, and perfect bubbles” that went “all for Biden”.”

The entire world can now see America’s audits.

Therefore, it is only a matter of time for the election fraud to be revealed, the voter confidence to be restored, and the true winner, President Trump to be brought back to the White House.