BREAKING: Kamala Drove Within Yards of Pipe Bomb on Jan. 6

What was she doing?

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According to the latest leaks and reports, VP Kamala Haris was en route near the Democratic National Committee headquarters on January 6, 2021, when she drove right by a pipe bomb.

“Then-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris drove within several yards of a pipe bomb lying next to a bench outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters on January 6, 2021, and remained inside the DNC for nearly two hours before the bomb was discovered, according to multiple law enforcement officials familiar with the situation,” CNN dropped the bomb on their exclusive covering of the event on Monday.

The soon-to-be vice president driving near the pipe bomb and spending time at the DNC were noted as yet another unexplained “security lapse” on January 6th:

“Details about Harris’ proximity to the pipe bomb and the extended period she remained inside the DNC have not been previously reported. The revelations further expose a security lapse on January 6 as law enforcement tried to respond to multiple major events, protect highly visible politicians, and fend off tens of thousands of riotous protesters that had flooded into Washington and attacked the US Capitol.”

The timeline was laid out in CNN’s report:

“Multiple sources now tell CNN Harris pulled into DNC headquarters in Washington at around 11:30 a.m. ET with her motorcade through the garage leading to the parking deck near where law enforcement discovered the pipe bomb.

Harris’ whereabouts and movements on January 6, 2021, have been shrouded in uncertainty. Her presence at the DNC wasn’t known until earlier this month, when few details became public about her evacuation from its headquarters minutes after a pipe bomb was discovered nearby.”

According to an internal US Capitol Police timeline, “an unnamed “protectee” was removed from the DNC building at approximately 1:14 p.m. ET — seven minutes after Capitol Police began investigating the bomb.”

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“They say they don’t know who this person was and that’s why they keep releasing these videos, hoping that somebody will see something that will strike them familiar and they’ll call in a tip,” NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams said. “But let’s go back to the one you were just showing. This is the suspect coming into a park that’s right next to the Democratic national headquarters on Capitol Hill.”

“Now, you don’t see the suspect plant a pipe bomb,” NBC noted. “But it’s in this area, I think just out of the frame here, where the pipe bomb was placed. What you do see is the suspect wearing a hoodie, a face mask, black and white, gray Nike Air Max turf shoes, gloves, carrying a backpack, sits down, takes something out of the backpack that appears to be a cell phone because you see this sort of illumination of the person there, like the light coming from the phone. And then that person just gets up and walks out of the frame.”