BREAKING: Medical Murder Delayed By Court

Well, thank god the hospital – a place that was supposed to keep people alive – was ordered by the court to do so.

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Since they’re no longer interested in doing that naturally…

On Wednesday, Anne Quiner told the Stew Peters Show that her husband Scott is facing death after Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minnesota moved to remove him from the ventilator that is keeping him alive.


“I do not approve of this and later in the progress note, she told me that the hospital has authority to do this regardless of what I say,” Anne Quiner told Stew.

Attorney Thomas Renz stepped in today and is doing everything he can right now to keep Scott Quiner alive. He was also joined by attorney Marjorie Holstein, hired by the Quiner’s, and together they successfully pushed the execution to Monday, January 17th.

Attorney Marjorie Holstein joined Stew on Thursday to discuss the “murder-for-money scheme”, and arm the audience with the information needed to keep up the pressure.

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“I don’t think they want to shed light on a lot of what is going on,” Marjorie Holsten told Stew, regarding the mysterious deaths that have been occurring in hospitals throughout the pandemic. “I will be contacting the sheriff.”