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Breaking: MSU Mass Shooting Suspect Identified

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The shooter who killed three individuals and injured five more last night at Michigan State University has been identified.

According to authorities, convicted criminal Anthony Dwayne McRae committed the horrible act of violence before seemingly turning the pistol on himself.

The Detroit News reported this morning that McRae, 43, was “released from supervision” in May 2021 after serving an 18-month jail sentence in November 2019 for having a loaded handgun in a vehicle.

According to WILX, McRae “shot himself miles away from campus while being confronted by police.”

No motive has been determined for the shootings, authorities said Monday evening, and McRae has no link to the institution.

The broadcaster said that the names of the victims were withheld until all of their relatives had been contacted.

A year ago, McRae moved in with his father on the northern side of Lansing, Michigan, according to The News.

“He’s never done any harm to anyone,” neighbor Megan Bender said of McRae’s father, Mike McRae. “He’s just an old man, minds his business.”

Based on her understanding of the location where the interaction happened, Bender stated that she believed Anthony McRae was on his way home when he was approached by police.

She told The News that, after hearing nightly accounts of the gunshot and law enforcement’s response on a police scanner, she was “relieved” that McRae had not returned home.

The Associated Press reports that the gunfire began Monday evening at an academic building and then went to the student union, a common place for students to study or dine.

Students sheltered anywhere they could while cops combed the East Lansing campus for the gunman.

Four hours after the initial report of gunfire, authorities revealed the death of the suspect.

“This truly has been a nightmare we’re living tonight,” said Chris Rozman, acting deputy head of the university police department.

Rozman stated that two fatalities occurred in Berkey Hall and one at the MSU Union. According to reports, five additional people were in severe condition at Sparrow Hospital.

About 50,000 students attend Michigan State, including 19,000 who reside on campus.

For 48 hours, all school, sports, and other activities were canceled.

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