BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi And Her Son Just Got Bad News From The FBI

Corrupt and shameless Democrats have fallen to new depths.

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An FBI probe is investigating Paul Pelosi Jr. as being linked to at least five business entities under investigation for alleged fraud, according to the NY Post.

He is accused of being connected to the bribery of a San Francisco official in a corrupt real-estate venture that involved his ex-girlfriend.

Pelosi Jr., who is the son of Nancy Pelosi, was allegedly involved in the plot to cancel permit violations on a property owned by his ex-girlfriend. The property is referred to as “The Pit.”

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Just last week, Nancy Pelosi confirmed that she is running for re-election in Congress despite a political career that has already spanned over 30 years. Many people suspected that she would retire.

This is why 81-year-old Pelosi “will never ever retire, she can’t leave,” one person wrote to Twitter.

“If she does, her spawn won’t have cover to be evil and get away with it,” the person added.

Despite Pelosi’s intention to run, it looks like Democrats are in trouble across the board. There is wide speculation that a massive red wave is coming in the midterm elections.

So far, at least 28 Democrats are calling it quits, either retiring or running for a different office.

As members of the Democrat Party drop like flies ahead of the 2022 midterm election cycle, it’s quickly become known as the “Democratic plight.” It’s undoubtedly a bad time to be a Democrat.

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So far, roughly 12 Republicans in the House won’t run for reelection.

Gallup polling has shown there is a huge shift in Americans who no longer identify or lean with the Democrat Party. Republicans currently hold a five-point advantage when asking Americans which political party they identify with or lean towards.

More on the FBI investigation via BizPac Review:

A number of Pelosi Jr.’s associates have been subpoenaed and interviewed including his ex-girlfriend, the building’s former owner, her attorney, and a consultant in the sale of the hotel. All of them assert that FBI agents questioned them about Pelosi Jr.’s involvement in the property.

Pelosi Jr. has admitted he was “helping remove the citations from the property” in a February 2019 report obtained by the Daily Mail.

The criminal complaint against [Bernie] Curran and [Rodrigo] Santos shows text messages that allegedly discuss the bribery scheme.

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“I will forward the address to Curran. He will abate it,” Santos allegedly wrote to his client at the time. “Please drop off a check payable to Golden Gate Youth [Rugby] Association for $1k. Bernie’s nonprofit.”

“With pleasure,” the client responded and then sent Santos a picture of a $1,500 check with the message, “Made the donation and it is being sent today.” The check was never deposited by the club.

An anonymous building inspector told media outlet Mission Local that in 2018, Pelosi Jr. met with him and attempted to “get rid of Notices of Violation” on 1312 Utah Street where the hotel is located.