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BREAKING NEWS: Court Releases First Names on Epstein List

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A federal court unsealed from Epstein’s 2015 civil complaint a list of over 150 individuals allegedly associated with sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, which was peppered with both familiar and unfamiliar names.

Former President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, former President Donald Trump, astronaut John Glenn, and Alan Dershowitz are among those whose names have been made public.

The names appeared on the 2,024-page defamation lawsuit that Virginia Giuffre, an Epstein victim, filed against Ghislaine Maxwell, an Epstein associate, in 2015. The litigation was subsequently resolved through a settlement. However, media agencies have requested the documents compiled in the case.

PBS stated that a diverse range of individuals was anticipated to be included on the roster, emphasizing that it is not a client list.

The outset reported that the list was anticipated to include associates of Epstein, staff members, witnesses at Maxwell’s trial, individuals deposed as part of the case, and others who were in some way connected in some way.

Former Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz, who has defended himself against allegations that he was a client, told NewsNation that by disclosing the list, those on it will have the opportunity to present their own case to the public regarding their ties to Epstein.

“He was very well thought of in the beginning. None of us knew about his private life that he kept so secret,” Dershowitz asserted.

“There is a difference between what happened after he was convicted and the nature of the relationship after he was convicted, and everybody should judge for themselves,” he continued.

Epstein pleaded guilty in Florida in June 2008 to one count of soliciting prostitution and one count of soliciting prostitution from a person under the age of 18, as reported by the Associated Press.

Epstein, who was apprehended in 2019 on charges of federal sex trafficking, was discovered deceased in his detention cell prior to the commencement of his trial. Suicide was attributed to his demise. In 2021, Epstein’s companion, Maxwell, was found guilty of sex trafficking and subsequently received a 20-year penitentiary sentence.

According to NBC, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska ordered the dissemination of the materials after January 1 last month.

Certain identities of individuals who objected to the disclosure were withheld by her.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

In one instance, an attorney for J. Doe 107 has said his client resides in a “culturally conservative country” outside of the U.S. and is “in fear of her name being released.”

Preska has said that the names of minor victims who did not testify or have not been made public will remain sealed. CONTINUE READING…

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