BREAKING NEWS: Epstein And Maxwell Represent Israeli Spies! Bioweapon Shots Have Been Planned!

On Stew Peters Show, Dr. Ariyanna Love of Finland shared bombshells. By studying medical patients and their afflictions, the doctor can analyze the most demented minds.

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Now she attended Stew Peters’s show to discuss her findings, and she says that it was a heavy load.

Aryanna said that they had found the causer of all chronic illnesses. According to her discovery, the illnesses are caused by infected microplasmas administrated through vaccination, not only C-19 shots but all VACCINES.

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The infected microplasmas created chaos in the human body, leading to AIDS, Autism, and Marberg. Dr. Aryanna Love explained how people could solve this problem. She is a supporter of natural remedies for the body, bus she shared that Ivermectin is crucial and it will kill any microorganisms that would enter the bloodstream.

Dr. Ariyanna love said that she talked to an anonymous attorney-in-exile in Finland, this attorney is being hunted for having this information, but regardless, the attorney claimed that he has proof that Epstein and Ghislaine were Israeli spies.

Maybe this doesn’t make much sense right now, but Dr. Love explained the hidden Israeli agenda of Greater Israel, the state plan for Israel to conquer and control surrounding Arabic lands that was promised to Israel for unknown reasons.

We are in the wake of the possible artificial C-19 pandemic, and Israel and their accomplices are enacting the Samson option through bioweapon shots as a means to introduce infected bioplasma to cull the population.

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