BREAKING NEWS: PA’s Secretary Of State, Dominion, And Dem Sens. BEG The PA Supreme Court To End The Investigation Of Fulton County Voting Machines!

The highly corrupted Pennsylvania Secretary of State, Dominion Voting Machines, and the Dems in the Pennsylvania Senate beg to end the investigation of voting machines in Fulton County.

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Now, they have released more than 750 pages of arguments and made their plea in front of the PA’s Supreme Court.

This Friday, the liberal PA Supreme Court halted the 2020 Election investigation of Fulton County’s voting machines, which occurred once the lower courts allowed the investigation to continue.

But, this Monday, Fulton County answered the PA SC with their rationale for continuing with their investigation.

Today, the corrupted PA SoS and Dominion Voting Machines filed a reply to Fulton County’s filling on Monday.

They tried to get some ties in the lower court’s ruling but got denied! Now, they are back again with a 700-page filling.

Check this out:

Dems in PA’s Senate filed an app to stop the investigation from continuing in Fulton County, Pennsylvania.

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This is the filling from the Dems’ in the PA Senate!