Breaking: Nicholas Sandmann, NBC News Reach Major Lawsuit Settlement

Nicholas Sandmann confirmed that he has reached a settlement agreement with NBC.

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This is the third settlement in a series of lawsuits against media companies who are accused of publishing a number of false and defamatory articles that smeared the former Covington Catholic student.

In 2019, the liberal media falsely claimed that Sandmann was “taunting” and “mobbing” a “native elder at Indigenous Peoples March.” As a result of these actions by CNN and others, the students’ reputations were obliterated and they faced an overwhelming number of death threats.

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Videos and photos proved that Sandmann was part of a high school group attending a pro-life march while another group of political demonstrators was the aggressor.

In a short message to Twitter, Sandmann said, “At this time I would like to release that NBC and I have reached a settlement. The terms are confidential.”

It’s typical for lawsuit settlements to keep the specific terms confidential, but it’s safe to assume that Sandmann and his legal counsel were compensated.

CNN also settled for an undisclosed amount with Nick Sandmann after he filed a $250 million lawsuit.

Sandmann also settled a $250 million lawsuit with The Washington Post.

It appears that Sandmann is still involved in five other media lawsuits as we approach the three-year mark since the incident occurred.

Prior to settling with NBC, Sandmann explained, “I personally am still involved in six media lawsuits as January approaches marking three years since the confrontation took place at the March for Life.”

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Referring to the media’s false and defamatory reports about Kyle Rittenhouse, Sandmann said, “So, if Kyle is prepared to take on another burden in his early life, with the acceptance that it might result in nothing, I answer, give it a shot and hold the media accountable.”

More from Daily Wire:

Sandmann’s face went viral after he and a group of his peers at Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky were filmed in a “standoff” with Nathan Phillips, a Native American activist, in January 2019 in Washington, D.C. Phillips had approached the group of teens while beating a drum and stopped in front of Sandmann.

Immediately following clips of the two circulating around social media, Sandmann was accused of blocking and harassing the older Native American man. Follow-up investigations debunked the initial outcry that had rocketed around the media.

After the incident, Sandmann elected to go after the media outlets and personalities who mischaracterized the interaction between himself and Phillips. Sandmann first settled with CNN in January 2020. As The Daily Wire reported:

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CNN confirmed Tuesday that it has settled for an undisclosed amount with Nick Sandmann, one of the Covington Catholic High School students smeared by multiple news outlets after a video of a “standoff” between the teens and a Native American activist went viral. Following initial reports on the settlement, Sandmann’s lawyers have each issued brief public statements making clear their work on the young man’s behalf isn’t done.

After multiple news outlets and media figures smeared him and his peers for allegedly “blocking” and “harassing” Native American activist Nathan Phillips, whose account of the confrontation was quickly discredited by additional footage of the situation, Sandmann sued CNN, The Washington Post, and NBC Universal for hundreds of millions of dollars…

Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann announced on Friday that his legal team has settled its $250 million defamation lawsuit with The Washington Post.