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BREAKING: Rep Waltz Suggests Pentagon Kept Balloon Info From Trump, Was Afraid He Would Take Immediate Action

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The betrayal of the American people about our national security is being exposed in the most uncomfortable ways, completely destroying what we, as a people, have always believed about how the US government functions and whether or not our civil servants actually serve themselves or our national interest.

The unusual reaction of Democrat President Joe Biden last week to the Chinese Balloon, which is accused of spying on Americans, garnered headlines that went viral for days until the balloon was shot down.

But the narrative isn’t done yet.

Now we know that the “weather balloon,” as the Chinese dubbed it, is not that unusual in our sovereign air space, and that our government masters at the Pentagon had previously permitted the balloon to go unimpeded.

On Tuesday, Fox News published the following headline: Rep. Waltz claims the Pentagon withheld information about the balloons from Trump because they were afraid he would take immediate action.

Collin Rugg reported for Trending News Politics with some stunning details:

“During an interview with Fox Business Network on Monday, Republican Rep. Mike Waltz dropped new bombshell information relating to Chinese spy balloons allegedly flown over the United States during former President Donald Trump’s time in office.

Shortly after the spy balloon was shot down over the Atlantic ocean over the weekend, the left-wing media rushed to Joe Biden’s defense, claiming spy balloons flew over the country when Trump was in office and he didn’t do anything about it.”

The assertions were later proven incorrect, and according to Rep. Waltz, the Pentagon failed to inform the president because they were concerned that his reaction would be too harsh.

The Pentagon “thought Trump would be too provocative and too aggressive,” Waltz said.

“My office has been briefed by the office of the Secretary of Defense of the current Pentagon that it happened over Florida, it happened over Texas, and that it’s happened before,” he said during the interview.

“We have more detailed questions but what is unclear, Stuart, at this point is, did the Pentagon under the Trump Administration brief the Trump White House and give them the option to take action or did they decide not to brief them for whatever reason?” Waltz asked.

“And there is some speculation, I talked to Trump administration officials over the weekend, that the Pentagon deliberately did it because they thought Trump would be too provocative and too aggressive,” he continued.

“So that’s what we need to get to the bottom of and one person that I’m waiting to hear from that we haven’t heard from that list is former Secretary of Defense, General Mattis who was the secretary during this time period,” Waltz said. “What did he know and what did he decide to pass on and brief to the president.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Waltz’s comments reflect other comments made over the weekend that support the notion that Trump was unaware of any balloons flying over the country. CONTINUE READING…

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