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Breaking Report: Trump Grand Jury Kicks the Can Again, No Indictment in Immediate Future

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Again, supporters and adversaries of former President Donald Trump are in limbo.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is in a state of chaos and last-minute reorganization as DA Alvin Bragg prepares to indict the former president for allegedly falsifying business records related to the alleged “hush money” payments made to porn actress Stormy Daniels in 2016.

Trump allegedly attempted to conceal his romance with Daniels in the run-up to his 2016 nomination and election, according to the charges, which have been generally dismissed online as a severe overreach of federal power.

Long ago, the former president denied that any hush money had ever been paid. In reality, he has claimed there was no affair.

At first look, it would be reasonable to assume that Trump’s vehement denials indicate a lack of evidence or other issues with the prosecution (therefore postponing proceedings for a second time this week), but according to the Journal, everything is moving according to plan.

The grand jurors who will eventually hear the Trump case did convene on Thursday, it said — but to discuss “another matter unrelated” to Trump.

“It is common for grand juries in New York to hear multiple cases at a time,” the Journal’s Corinne Ramey wrote. “Grand jury schedules can be unpredictable because panels juggle cases with competing demands and deadlines, former prosecutors said.”

This new postponement followed a distinct problem in the Trump case on Wednesday.

At Bragg’s request, the grand jury meeting scheduled for that day was finally canceled.

Bragg canceled the Wednesday hearing because a crucial witness was unavailable, according to the New York Post.

According to the story, Bragg believes the testimony of the witness will be crucial in refuting major Trump claims.

Members of the grand jury were instructed to return home and remain on standby for a potential Thursday hearing, heightening optimism that a decision will be reached by the weekend.

Now, according to the Journal, it looks like the grand jury will not gather to consider Trump until after the weekend.

According to the article, grand juries do not normally meet on Fridays.

The former president made quite a stir this weekend when he revealed on Truth Social that he anticipated to be arrested on Tuesday.

Since his shocking declaration, Trump has been quite busy.

Not only was the former president (with a looming probable indictment in his immediate future) sighted at the NCAA wrestling tournament over the weekend, but he also called on his fans to both protest and pray for the future of this country.

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