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BREAKING: “Significant Miscount” In Abe Hamadeh’s Recount Nets Hamadeh With Hundreds of New Votes In Race Called by 511 Votes

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Trouble still lurks in Arizona elections after a humiliating showing for state election officials, led by Democrat Katie Hobbs, who complained about being unprepared for people voting on election day because there were so many people voting then, and they didn’t appear to have time to prepare the all-important counting machines correctly- but- they did the best that they could at the time, with what they had.

That gibberish emerged as the state’s defense this week in an election challenge from the Republican candidate for governor, Katie Lake, who inexplicably lost her bid for the job.

AZ Election disputes are underway owing to the downright tumultuous and confusing elections in the state, and some rulings are likely to come shortly, according to media sources.

A judge is slated on Thursday to announce the victors of the Arizona attorney general’s race and two other contests that were so close they forced required recounts; local AZ news reported Thursday, adding:

In one of the tightest elections in state history, Democrat Kris Mayes was ahead of Republican Abraham Hamadeh by 511 votes out of 2.5 million before the recount began in Arizona’s attorney general race.

Judge Timothy Thomason also will announce recount results in races for state superintendent of public instruction and a state legislative seat in the Phoenix suburbs.

Hamadeh, who hasn’t conceded to Maye had filed a separate challenge of the results in his race, but a judge dismissed that case.

Another media outlet reported about the purpose for all of the voter fraud in the state over the past few years, “The highly anticipated results are among the last in the country to come out of November’s election and could solidify another victory for Democrats who shunned election fraud conspiracies in what used to be a solidly Republican state.”

Hamadeh stated faults with ballot printers in Maricopa County had led to a series of issues that disenfranchised voters and that his campaign was harmed by inappropriate handling of ballots that were duplicated or judged by individuals because they could not be read by tabulators.

In the contest for superintendent of public instruction, Republican Tom Horne enjoyed a roughly 9,000-vote lead over Democrat Kathy Hoffman at the commencement of the recount. Hoffman had already yielded to Horne, a former schools chief who spent one term as attorney general before losing the 2014 primary.

Horne had attacked Hoffman for embracing progressive teaching and threatened to shut down any trace of “critical race theory,” which is not taught in public schools but is a hot-button topic for social conservatives. He also had alleged schools were locked down for much too long during the outbreak at Hoffman’s suggestion.

Republican Liz Harris went into the recount 270 votes ahead of Republican Julie Willoughby in the contest for a seat in Arizona House District 13, which encompasses portions of Chandler, Sun Lakes and Gilbert. Rep. Jennifer Pawlik, an incumbent Democrat, had won one of the district’s two state House seats by a margin of victory that above the threshold for a recount.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Recounts are required in Arizona in races where the margin between the leading candidates is 0.5%. Hobbs defeated Lake by 0.67%.

Jordan Conradson reported for the Gateway Pundit on more details about the Hamadeh recount:

A “significant miscount” of hundreds of votes has been discovered in the recount results for Trump-Endorsed Abe Hamadeh’s statewide Attorney General’s race. CONTINUE READING…

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