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BREAKING: Supreme Court Delivers Devastating Blow To Biden Border Policy

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Title 42, the statute adopted at the times of the influenza outbreak by then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Since the beginning of the Biden administration, President Trump has been under constant attack. During the time when the COVID-19 virus was prevalent and officials were attempting to limit mobility to prevent the pandemic, the flow of illegal immigrants via the southern border of the United States was a major concern.

Trump’s Stay in Mexico policy requires migrants to be held in Mexico prior to entering the United States to allow for adequate screening and processing. Title 42 was adopted as a temporary remedy. The coverage is subject to expiry. Republicans advocate for the maintenance of Title 42 and its limits due to the rising flow at the border as a result of the Biden administration’s decision to suspend building of the wall and the Democrat administration’s inadequate controls.

The policy imposes no limits on immigrants who seek to immigrate to the United States and become naturalized citizens and who follow the proper processes. These individuals have always had the right to apply for entrance into the country, and they continue to do so. However, the majority of the problem is attributable to individuals who unlawfully cross the border and are transferred through using shady means.

The border towns of Texas and other border states are bursting at the seams with migrants, and the cities and states that have declared themselves as “sanctuaries” are welcome the migrants that Texas has bused and flown from their border towns.

Axios reports that the Biden administration believed that ending the policy would draw around 14,000 illegal immigrants each day.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), approximately 2 million illegal aliens have been deported as a result of the program. According to Biz Pac Review, Venezuelan illegal immigrants were the most recent to be deported. During the 2022 fiscal year, federal officials will encounter almost 2.3 million migrants.

Previously, the Biden administration had gotten a court order terminating the policy. A federal court already determined that the coverage must terminate on December 21.

A day before the program was supposed to expire, Republican states petitioned the Supreme Court to intervene, arguing that the recent ruling would boost illegal immigration in a negative way. Tuesday, the Supreme Court announced a ruling.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Republican state motions to continue Title 42, the program of the Trump administration for removing certain illegal immigrants.

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court orders the Biden administration to continue Title 42 despite record-breaking illegal border crossings.

Title 42 will remain in place until February or March, when a court will investigate the policy. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in February to consider whether the program should be stopped permanently. Until then, the Biden administration must continue removing illegal immigrants based on their nation of origin. According to Biz Pac Review, a decision will likely be reached by late June.

Politico reported that left-leaning Supreme Court justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elana Kagan did not provide an explanation for their dissenting decisions. Neil Gorsuch, a conservative justice, outlined his dissent in a written statement.

Gorsuch indicated that he did not discount the states’ concerns on a potential future border crisis, but that “the urgency” that prompted the enactment of Title 42 orders “has long since lapsed.”

“For my part, I do not discount the States’ concerns,” wrote Gorsuch, but the current border crisis is not a COVID crisis. And courts should not be in the business of perpetuating administrative edicts designed for one emergency only because elected officials have failed to address a different emergency. We are a court of law, not policymakers of last resort.”

The federal government has continued to push COVID immunizations during the past six months, permitting doses for children under the age of five and emergency use of the Novavax vaccine. In addition, there have been warnings about a tri-threat of viruses, some of which reappear every year, creating the sense of persistent health risks.

As Gorsh argues, the enormous flood of undocumented immigrants across the southern border of the United States has not been handled by Congress or the Biden administration and constitutes an undeniable emergency. Gorsh’s legal argument for his disagreement in his written statement is persuasive since it makes it clear that something is necessary. The fact that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the arguments and the timeframe of a ruling suggests that a strategy to manage non-pandemic border restrictions should be formulated during this time.

El Paso’s Deputy City Manager Mario D’Agostino told the Texas Tribune on Tuesday that the city was preparing for the number of border crossings to increase again following a “lull” over the holiday weekend, noting that a “large number of people” have been awaiting the end of Title 42 in Ciudad Juarez.

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