BREAKING: Supreme Court Delivers Massive Ruling on Mail-In Ballots

Vote fraud has long been suspected by the American electorate as an election integrity issue- so adding a tsunami of mail-in ballots and curiously guarded vote-tallying machines- combined with a highly partisan media and a suspicious set of election officials- has naturally made the American people very frustrated about elections.

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And the US Supreme Court, like the population of America, is divided over which remedies to address the issues and how to apply them. Generally, it feels like the Wild, Wild West of politics right now, where there are no clearly established laws about elections.

The world feels out of control for many, and this latest ruling out of the Supreme Court is not likely to calm anyone down- except for the most radical of leftists.

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The AP reported on the actions of the high court:

The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a decision on Thursday that allowed the counting of undated mail-in ballots in an undecided 2021 election for a Pennsylvania judgeship, in a case that exposed the building tensions among the justices

The decision by the justices against David Ritter, a Republican candidate for a judgeship on the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas, means that Pennsylvania officials can count 250 mail-in ballots in that election that lacked a handwritten date. Ritter had sued the county board of elections over concerns he would lose the race if those votes were counted.

The decision shows that there is a new ‘election rift’ among the sitting Justices with the majority backing the mail-in ballot count in Pennsylvania.

Martin Walsh wrote for the Conservative Brief about the SCOTUS ruling:

“The 6-3 ruling could create broader implications for close races in November’s crucial midterm elections.”

“Over the objection of three justices, the Court restored a federal appeals court ruling that said disqualifying ballots received on time but lacking a handwritten date on the return envelope would violate federal voting rights,” ABC News reported. “Pennsylvania state law requires that voters include a date next to the signature, even though mail ballots are typically postmarked and dated again by election officials when they are received. The appeals court concluded the absence of the handwritten date was an immaterial error.”

“The Supreme Court did not detail its decision to allow counting to proceed, and so it is not binding precedent.

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However the ruling does suggest that a majority of justices support the view that discarding ballots over small administrative errors or omissions would harm the franchise,” the report added.

In the dissent, conservative Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Neil Gorsuch wrote they would have stayed the appeals court ruling in order to review the merits of the dispute, which “could well affect the outcome of the fall elections.”

Alito wrote that he believes the Third Circuit opinion is “very likely wrong.”

“When a mail-in ballot is not counted because it was not filled out correctly, the voter is not denied ‘the right to vote.’ Rather, that individual’s vote is not counted because he or she did not follow the rules for casting a ballot,” Alito wrote.

Pennsylvania has had a long history of election integrity issues, including recently in its most recent primary elections.

At Primary time for PA, which was earlier in June, Dr. Mehmet Oz won the GOP nod for the open Senate seat there against his opponent Dave McCormick.

“McCormick may have benefitted from the counting of undated mail-in ballots, which were ultimately discarded and he lost the race by roughly 900 votes,” Walsh wrote.

Last month, Alito made a huge decision when the Justice, who oversees the Third Circuit, blocked the decision of the federal appeals court which ordered the counting of undated ballots, that were received on time, in the Pennsylvania election.

“Look, you have a federal Court of Appeals ruling in unmistakable terms that the date requirement is immaterial,” Adam Bonin, a Democratic election lawyer involved in the case, said.

“This is what the Department of State said: It just has to have a date on it,” he said. “And all the ballots, when they’re received by the counties, they get time-stamped, they get clocked in. So we know that they arrived on time. … So whether or not a voter handwrites in the date, it doesn’t matter at all. And I’m glad that this court recognized it.”

Philadelphia City Commissioner Lisa Deeley said that the decision is a “major victory” for voters.

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“The numbers of undated ballots are scary,” she said. “And even if the number were five, it’s still five too many. A voter’s done everything. They filled out the application. They got the ballot. We know we got the ballot back in time. … So it just always seemed like an unnecessary step and I’m glad that the federal court agreed.”

Federal law says that no person can be denied the right to vote “because of an error or omission on any record or paper relating to any application, registration, or other act requisite to voting if such error or omission is not material in determining whether such individual is qualified under State law to vote in such election.”

In response to the case, a McCormick campaign official said, “We’re glad votes are continuing to be counted.”