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Breaking: Tucker Carlson Creating His Own Media Company – Report

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TuckerWorld may soon be available on your television, phone, and computer.

Friday’s Wall Street Journal reported that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson intends to launch a new media venture that would expand upon his current Twitter broadcasts.

The report is founded on “people familiar with the matter” and depicts the idea as being in the planning phase, where funding is being sought to further its development.

The Journal reported that Neil Patel, who co-founded The Daily Caller with Carlson, will join Carlson in the venture.

According to the report, as the search for the millions of dollars required to launch the company begins, financiers, attorneys, and media strategists have been recruited to join the team transforming the concept into a company.

A team from Twitter has also been contacted, according to the report.

According to the Journal, Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino and Carlson producer Justin Wells recently met.

According to the claim, Twitter representatives have discussed with the former Fox News host the possibility of viewing Twitter videos on television.

It portrayed Carlson as hesitating to host his project on YouTube due to the platform’s propensity for censoring conservatives.

According to the report, the company would offer a combination of free and subscription-based content, similar to what Tucker Carlson posts on Twitter.

The Journal reported that Carlson would be one of several presenters providing content.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

The possibility of “having a set of big brands sponsor Carlson’s show” is also being discussed, the report said.

The report said that from Twitter’s perspective, the potential deal “would expand the relationship between the platform and one of its highest-profile video creators, and serve as a test case for the social media network’s video ambitions under Elon Musk.” CONTINUE READING…

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