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BREAKING: Why Putin Didn’t Escalate During Trump Administration? [WATCH]

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NBC’s Chuck Todd this Sunday asked the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken why Putin didn’t escalate tensions with Ukraine during the Trump Administration.

Blinken didn’t answer!

“[The] previous one. Why do you think [Putin] didn’t act then?” Chuck Todd asked Blinken.

“I hope you get a chance to ask him,” Blinken said, stuttering.

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It’s really interesting that the last two times Putin moved in with his military regarding Ukraine, Biden was in the WH!

He took Crimea in 2014, and now he amassed almost 200,000 troops on the border with Ukraine.

The Russian President, Putin, had never tried this when Trump was the President, but that didn’t stop the media from calling Trump Putin’s puppet for five years.

Shame on you!

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