BREAKING: Windham Audit Team Announces They Will Look Into Senate Race After Finding Major Fraud

Audit results in Windham, New Hampshire show voting machines consistently undercounting Republican vote tallies.

Dr. David Strang M.D., is the Belknap County Republican Committee State Committee Member, with the New Hampshire GOP. On Sunday Dr. Strang examined the latest results coming from the Windham, New Hampshire elections audit. He was stunned with the results.

Dr. Strang believes the state has a huge problem on its hands. The totals from the Windham machines cannot be replicated. Only the hand recounts are reliable. And the machines are shorting Republicans in Windham at a consistent rate while Democrat results are barely impacted by the machines.

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Dr. Strang notes that winning an election shouldn’t depend on your supporters inserting their ballots into the “right” machine, but rather, any machine, as they should all count ballots the same. Well, that’s not what happened on Nov. 3rd in Windham. NH.

The numbers coming from the legislatively-ordered audit in that NH town confirm what the concerned citizens of NH have claimed all along. Their machines are not accurate, consistently shorted Republican candidates and cannot be trusted to accurately count our votes.

What the recount showed was that when ballots were fed through all four machines this past week, one machine (Machine #2) reliably and repeatedly shorted each of the 4 Republican candidates roughly the same amount – 55 votes (Lynn), 54 (McMahon), 53 (Soti) and 53 votes (Griffin) compared to the results from the other machines. These audit-repeated machine counts are also different from those machine-generated counts on Nov. 3rd by 281 votes (Lynn), 274 (Soti), 276 (McMahon), and 279 votes (Griffin).

There are suspicions that other towns in the state have their own version of “machine two,” so this does not appear to be a Windham-only problem.

The fact that these machines do not agree with each other and have such a wide variation amongst the four just for the repeat audit machine count alone, means that the hand recount totals from Nov. 12th are likely to be the only accurate tally. If so, then we will have evidence that the audit machine count does not agree with the Nov. 3rd machine count, nor does it agree with the Nov.12th hand count, which is about to be repeated this week.

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Next, the Windham audit team is going to review a statewide Federal race (US Senate) and a statewide non-Federal race (Governor) as well, as both of these races are scheduled to be hand-counted this week as part of the audit.

Regardless of what those two additional hand counts show this week, the city believes it already has ample evidence that the voting machines are NOT reliable, and it is time for NH to say goodbye to machine-generated counting.