BREAKING: Wisconsin Special Counsel Drops Bomb

A special counsel investigating possible irregularities in Wisconsin’s 2020 election found that 91 nursing homes in the counties of Milwaukee, Racine, Dane, Kenosha, and Brown turned out 95% to 100% of their voters compared with 67% in the nation as a whole in 2020 and 60% in 2016.

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Nursing home data includes only votes cast at facilities that the special counsel “has been able to vet to this juncture,” according to a report prepared by retired state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman for the state Assembly. “There are more facilities in these counties, and after auditing the votes from other facilities, the above percentages may change.”

It was reported by the Racine County Sheriff’s Office last November that state Attorney General’s Office was investigating alleged illegal directives issued by Wisconsin Election Commission to bypass the state’s Special Voting Deputy process, under which the clerks of municipalities provide enough ballots for residents to cast their votes and help voters cast their ballots.

Residents of nursing homes were mailed absentee ballots instead. Under the guise of “help” from facility staff, residents of the facility who family members believed couldn’t vote were coaxed to vote.

Phillip Kline, director of election integrity watchdog The Amistad Project, which investigated nursing home participation rates for the Wisconsin Voter Alliance, told reporters on Tuesday: “It’s quite remarkable: There’s private money flows in, government-hired voter navigators go after nursing homes, and suddenly, 90-some-odd nursing homes in Wisconsin have 100% turnout, even if people — who, unfortunately, due to their health conditions — are unable to read, think, or contemplate voting.

“And now we have videotaped depositions and interviews with their family members saying, ‘My loved one hasn’t been able to vote for years and has been deemed to be incompetent.’”

The Amistad Project released a video interview with Wisconsin election clerk Linda Sinkula last year. She noted that she feared the 2020 election “wouldn’t be a fair election” due to private funding of public election administration.

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For the administration of the 2020 election in Wisconsin, the Center for Tech and Civic Life received $8.8 million from Mark Zuckerberg.

Apparently, Sinkula’s colleague knew ahead of time “how the election results would turn out in November,” as he knew people with residents of nursing homes who didn’t normally vote and “apparently voted for them.”