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Bret Baier Delivers Emotional Tribute After Longtime Fox News Figure Passes Away

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In a time when many people of all ages are dying from heart attacks and strokes, the loss of each individual is keenly felt by everyone who knew them. The loss of a longstanding senior vice president at Fox News has saddened the workers at that channel, which was recognized last week by his colleague on air and by the network itself. Alan Komissaroff, Senior Vice President of News & Politics, unfortunately passed suddenly at the age of 47 after suffering a heart attack at home last week.

Executives of the network recognized the tragic loss and recalled Komissaroff:

“This is an extremely difficult day for all of us who worked closely with Alan, and we are completely heartbroken,” said CEO Suzanne Scott. “Alan was a leader and mentor throughout FOX News Media who was integral to our daily news operations and played an indispensable role in every election cycle. The recent midterm election coverage was easily one of the finest nights of special coverage he produced throughout his career. And he was the ultimate producer: breaking news, politics, special events — there was no steadier or more trusted colleague to be within the control room during the most consequential events of our time, and his incisiveness and passion for news made our work better,” Scott’s statement, along with network President Jay Wallace, added.

“He would joke that he was a guy from ‘real Brooklyn’ and rose through the ranks to become a writer, producer, showrunner, and eventually Senior Vice President of News & Politics, overseeing all political coverage,” Scott and Wallace added. “His sharp sense of humor and quick wit throughout his incredible career also led to the many lifelong friendships he made here.”

“Our deepest condolences are with them and Alan’s entire extended family as we collectively mourn the loss of a wonderful man,” Scott and Wallace wrote.

During a portion of his program “Special Report,” anchor Bret Baier paid respect to Komissaroff and noted that he had been with Fox News since 1996, prior to the network’s inception. His wife, Rachael, and children, Ben, 17, and Olivia, 13, survive him.


More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Other peers at Fox News also remembered the beloved coworker and his family.

“Missing our Senior Vice President of News tonight, Alan Komissaroff. He has passed away at the young age of 47. Praying deeply that his wife Rachael and their beautiful children will feel overflowing love and support,” Fox News host Harris Faulkner added. CONTINUE READING…

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