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Bud Light Parent Company Makes New Move to Win Conservatives Back

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Be wary of a corporate behemoth donning a conservative disguise, a lobbying organization warns as Anheuser-Busch attempts to court conservative legislators.

According to a Fox Business report, the brewing behemoth has now employed lobbyists to storm Capitol Hill in an attempt to regain lost sales due to a backlash over its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Both Origin Advocacy, LLC founder Sean McClean and Origin partner Emily Lynch are veteran aides to Republican senators.

McClean was the legislative director for Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn during her time in the House. Lynch was a legislative assistant for former New Hampshire Republican senator Kelly Ayotte and North Carolina representative Virginia Foxx.

The American Accountability Foundation, a “non-profit government oversight and research organization,” warns conservatives not to be duped by the lobbying effort.

McClean and Lynch are “making the rounds on the Hill trying to red-wash Bud Light’s disastrous decision to partner with a man pretending to be a woman and tell you the company really does respect conservative values,” AAF President Tom Jones wrote in a letter, according to Fox Business.

“They’re even making the shamefully offensive equivalency argument that their transgender activist beer can is just like their beer can honoring WWII vets,” Jones wrote.

“They’re telling offices, ‘Anheuser-Busch sometimes creates commemorative cans. … Honor Flight can [for] example.’ If partnering with a trans activist wasn’t shameful enough equating Dylan Mulvaney to a World War II hero is really beyond the pale,” he wrote.

The organization elaborated in a statement. The Fox Business report stated.

“If Bud Light wants to regain the trust of conservative customers, they should apologize for insulting their values by embracing the woke left’s radical gender agenda instead of wasting their money on lobbyists,” the statement said.

“Bud Light sided with the Left against the average American and no amount of D.C. lobbyists in fancy suits will make them forget that,” the statement said.

Anheuser-Busch and Origin Advocacy both refused to comment to Fox Business. CONTINUE READING…

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