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BUSTED! Radical Leftist Judge On Trump’s Sham Case Made Political Contributions to “Stop The Republicans” and “Biden For President”

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President Donald J. Trump, a candidate for president in 2024, is being hounded and prosecuted for his national-political leadership in the courts of Manhattan, New York. As a result, the two-tiered judicial system is currently under scrutiny.

The anti-American opponents of Trump’s America First agenda have demonstrated their willingness to go to any lengths to deny the people the ability to pick our leaders. They will immediately engage in Cronyism, Lawfare, and communist power and control strategies.

Consider what Cronyism is: the practice of providing employment and other benefits with favoritism to friends or trusted colleagues, especially in politics and between politicians and groups that support them. For instance, cronyism can develop when unqualified “cronies” are appointed to positions of responsibility.

The associates now have Trump exactly where they want him, in court and under arrest, correct?

He may be able to flip things around to his advantage. It begins by revealing their crony status.

Trump’s allies and followers have hinted that they would go on the offensive and utilize the subpoena authority through Congress to expose the corruption of the judiciary.

Kash Patel, a former Trump official, spoke with Steve Bannon on the War Room about the ‘Committees of Jurisdictions’ using the Committees of Oversight, Intell, and Ways and Means to come forward and begin pressing for information on Alvin Bragg and others regarding their roles in this latest clown court show.

The Judicial system is under pressure to make sense of the huge lawfare and Maoist-style struggle sessions they have dragged Trump through in recent weeks.

And our civil employees are under pressure to demonstrate that they have the right legal underpinnings and the ethics, morality, and integrity to serve this great nation and the courts over which they preside.

They, the judges, the district attorney, the attorneys, and the court personnel, have thus far demonstrated to the American people that they are unfit for their positions of authority.

If their clown act weren’t shredding the fabric of our once-great nation, it would be a Keystone cops-style comedy. Remember that Trump is a leading presidential contender.

Jim Hoft reported on some details of the most recent election interference by the left:

Leftist judge Juan Manuel Merchan, who oversees President Trump’s sham case on junk felony charges, made political contributions to a nonprofit fundraising platform for Democratic candidates and progressive groups.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

According to FEC data, Judge Juan Merchan from New York donated to Act Blue earmarked “Stop The Republicans” and “Biden For President.” CONTINUE READING…

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