Calls for Biden’s Impeachment Abound, They’re about to Get a Whole Lot Louder

Congressman Lance Carter Gooden is leading an effort to impeach Joe Biden and it’s gaining significant traction.

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“The bar was so low to impeach President Trump,” Gooden explains. “And even if the bar were raised exponentially, I believe that President Biden has met that requirement.”

“What we’re seeing at the border is not just criminal, but it is immoral,” he continued. Americans are witnessing an unprecedented surge at the southern board, which has become so bad that Biden is secretly flying illegal to various U.S. cities in the dead of the night.

To provide some perspective, Americans saw the lowest number of illegal crossings on the southern U.S. border in over 40 years under Trump.

Under Biden, after he lifted Trump’s key “Remain-in-Mexico” policy, the U.S. has suffered the highest number of illegal border crossings in over 60 years.

Trump’s policy forced foreign nationals seeking to enter the U.S. through the southern border — illegally or without proper documentation — to be returned to Mexico.

These individuals will need to wait in Mexico while their legal cases are adjudicated.

Predictably, Democrats ended this policy and open the border, creating a massive disaster.

Gooden responded, “The fact that our United States government is putting its own citizens behind those of other nations, and also encouraging human trafficking. And what we’re seeing [is] they’re filling the bank accounts and the cash stashes of the cartel.”

“It’s really a travesty. And it’s not what this country should be about,” Gooden added.

As the GOP gains more power and control in Congress from Democrats, it appears there is signficant agreement that Biden is committing an impeachable offense.

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Here’s the critical conclusion via Trending Politics:

So, while little can happen now, as Democrats are still in control of the legislature, it’s coming up and calls for impeachment will get louder as the red wave crashes over the Swamp and puts the GOP back in power.

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Rep. Gibbs said as much recently, declaring that “When Republicans take back the House, we will take our commitment to the separation of powers, our role as a check and balance to the executive branch, seriously. President Biden, Vice President Harris, and the entire administration is officially on notice.”

The GOP might just have grown enough spine to start treating Democrats as Democrats treated them; we’ll see, but with everyone from Ted Cruz to MGT, Lance Gooden to Bob Gibbs pushing the idea, it’s obviously getting more and more popular.