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Camera Captured Something Incredible Happening Outside Trump Tower

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This is the last thing progressives wished to see at a time when Democrats have engaged the machinery of the American legal system against their most prominent political opponent.

On Sunday, Trump supporters held a rally in the center of Manhattan, one of the most Democratic-dominated areas in the United States.

And their message was unmistakable.

“Spotted just outside Trump Tower in NYC. So much love and support for @realDonaldTrump,” social media user Paul Ingrassia wrote on the X platform on Sunday.

“The American people know these indictments are completely baseless, a continuation of the Obama-Clinton-Biden witch-hunts, and the support for our soon to be 47th President is stronger than it’s ever been!”

The audience was not silent:

“‘We love Trump!’ and ‘We the people love Trump!’ patriots outside Trump Tower in Manhattan!” Ingrassia wrote.

The fact that this was occurring in Manhattan, the home of the grotesquely biased district attorney Alvin Bragg, is atypical.

The fact that it was occurring in the wake of Trump’s arraignment in Georgia on fabricated charges of attempting to overturn the 2020 election results in the Peach State, and Trump’s supposed-to-be-humiliating mug shot becoming a fundraising phenomenon, elevated it to the level of the extraordinary.

And it received extraordinary responses:

More on this story via The Western Journal:

It’s difficult to divine true intentions, of course. And the darkness of the Democratic soul at the level of its national leadership can seem to defy the light of reason, or decency.

But after unleashing a ludicrous indictment of Trump in New York, two by the Biden Department of Justice’s Democrat-Torquemada special prosecutor and a fourth by a partisan leftist masquerading as a prosecutor in Atlanta, it’s impossible to believe that Democrats planned on Trump achieving new levels of popularity thanks to what can only be described as persecution on a national level. CONTINUE READING…

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