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Campaign Crisis: DeSantis Fires Staffers From ’24 Campaign As Donations Stall, Disastrous Polling

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Ron DeSantis practices Republican cost-cutting in a manner he likely did not intend. Knewz.com is monitoring his presidential campaign’s personnel reduction.

According to an article published on Saturday, July 15, DeSantis has recently terminated several employees. The exact number is uncertain, but it is estimated to be between nine and twelve out of approximately 92 employees.

The study was based on resumes sent to Never Back Down, a political action committee that supports DeSantis. They originated from fired campaign staff members.

In addition, two of DeSantis’ senior campaign staff members recently left the organization. They are presently employed by a charity that supports DeSantis.

According to unverified sources who spoke to ABC News, the campaign manager, Generra Peck, may have hired staff members too early. Peck has not yet provided a response.

Despite Donald Trump’s indictments and alleged indictments, DeSantis’ campaign among Republicans continues to trail far behind. However, his advisers are optimistic.

“Americans are rallying behind Ron DeSantis and his plan to reverse Joe Biden’s failures and restore sanity to our nation,” campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo told Politico, which broke the staffing story.

“His momentum will only continue as voters see more of him in person, especially in Iowa,” Romeo continued.

DeSantis is preparing for a tour of Iowa’s counties. On January 15, 2024, this state will host the initial Republican primary contest.

According to DeSantis’s staff, Kim Reynolds, the Republican governor of Iowa, maintains her neutrality in the presidential election. Trump has repeatedly criticized Reynolds for being impartial.

As DeSantis stated on July 15, Vanity Fair quoted him as saying, “She is one of the top public servants in America.” He stated that Reynolds is a possible running companion.

DeSantis does not seem inclined to change his primary campaign strategy. On July 16, he stated that he has “no interest” in disparaging Trump or any other individual.

On the Fox News Channel segment “Media Buzz,” which the New York Post was viewing, DeSantis stated, “I believe simply engaging in this insult game alienates voters.” We must disregard this and focus on the issues at hand.

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie urges other Republican candidates to be more critical of Trump.

DeSantis’ campaign raised nearly $20 million between April and June. That was greater than the $17.7 million Trump’s campaign raised, the majority of which came from transfers.

The preponderance of Trump’s campaign funding comes from smaller donors, whereas approximately 85% of DeSantis’ funding comes from large donors.

CNN reports that since the Florida governor officially entered the contest in late May, his campaign has spent close to $8 million.

According to NBC News, the Never Back Down PAC will spend up to $200 million to support DeSantis.

With the help of his party’s national committee, incumbent Democrat Joe Biden has nearly $72 million in campaign funds.

A poll conducted by Florida Atlantic University at the beginning of July indicated that Trump was 20 points ahead of DeSantis in the Sunshine State.

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