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CDC Confirms Half Its Research Team Fell Ill Studying Ohio Derailment

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Some weeks ago, when the Norfolk Southern train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, the contents of about 20 train cars carrying hazardous goods were released into the environment. The discharge of toxic compounds into the air and water. Consequently, both wildlife and humans began to experience health issues and even death.

People fled their houses out of terror, and federal government authorities finally came after being pressured. First, the EPA declared that everything was OK and that locals may return to their houses, which some did. Nevertheless, dead animals, flaming water, and disease caused some to scream that everything was not well.

When former President Trump came to their rescue with tens of thousands of water bottles, hundreds of liters of cleaning materials, and canned food, President Biden did not come at the outset, despite locals’ requests for assistance with potential long-term environmental repercussions.

Now it appears that federal officials who visited the location and were only there momentarily are unwell. As reported by Creative Destruction Media:

In a twist of irony, the CDC has confirmed that 7 members of a 15-person team from the CDC and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) fell ill while investigating the potential health effects of the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio last month.

According to a March 31 statement sent to The Epoch Times by CDC spokesperson Belsie Gonzalez, the infections began on March 6, when team members complained sore throat, nausea, coughing, and headache symptoms.

The team members’ symptoms mirrored those reported by some East Palestine residents and first responders – the very people the CDC sent the team to survey and evaluate the potential health effects of their exposure to the toxic chemicals spilled during the train derailment and explosion on February 3.

“Following protocol, team members reported the symptoms to federal safety officers,” Gonzalez said.

“Symptoms resolved for most team members later the same afternoon, and everyone resumed work on survey data collection within 24 hours. Impacted team members have not reported ongoing health effects,” the statement continued.

Gonzalez said that the survey gathering procedure, which began in mid-February and concluded on March 31, concluded on March 31. “Once completed, CDC/ATSDR staff will analyze the data and provide it to state health officials in Ohio and Pennsylvania. FEMA and EPA teams remain on the ground to support response efforts,” Gonzalez concluded.

According to the source, it appears that the personnel tasked with analyzing the data became guinea pigs themselves.

It should be noted that the government team fell ill after the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit against train operator, Norfolk Southern, on March 31, in an effort to hold the railroad company accountable for “unlawfully polluting the nation’s waterways,” by means of the train derailment.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said via a statement, “When a Norfolk Southern train derailed last month in East Palestine, Ohio, it released toxins into the air, soil, and water, endangering the health and safety of people in surrounding communities.”

“With this complaint, the Justice Department and the EPA are acting to pursue justice for the residents of East Palestine and ensure that Norfolk Southern carries the financial burden for the harm it has caused and continues to inflict on the community,” the statement added.

It is intriguing that the DOJ lays full responsibility for the derailment, explosion, and chemical release on the train operator, although it was government officials who opted to burn the deadly chemicals instead of having them removed from the damaged cars. In addition, the government initially refused to deploy a FEMA team to the area, claiming that the spill did not meet FEMA’s criteria for assistance, and left Norfolk Southern to clean up the derailment before sending in the EPA to halt the cleanup, citing concerns about the facilities to which the company was sending contaminated soil and water.

It should also be mentioned that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg would not travel to East Palestine unless previous president Donald Trump spoke with worried locals there. Where again are the climate change-obsessed Democrats? It appears elsewhere besides East Palestine.

As previously reported by the New York Times, the chemicals released by the derailment were as follows:

Butyl acrylate, which causes breathing difficulty and skin irritation

Ethylhexyl acrylate, which can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and lungs.

Experiments have demonstrated that ethylene glycol monobutyl ether causes irritation of the nose and eyes, headaches, and vomiting.

Short-term exposure to vinyl chloride can result in dizziness, headaches, and drowsiness, and chronic exposure can result in a rare form of liver cancer.

The burning of the chemicals by the government, which was thought advisable to prevent an explosion, discharged gaseous and gaseous mixes into the air.

According to the Times, several scientists have cautioned about the toxicity of the mixes and the “hundreds of different breakdown products that remain.”

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