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CDC Panel Votes 15-0 To Add COVID Shots On Child Vaccine Schedule

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Wednesday, the CDC Advisory Committee approved unanimously to add COVID-19 doses to the child and adolescent vaccine schedule, a move that forces individuals to deal with additional unwelcome government control. The statement immediately sparked criticism and media warfare.

Tucker Carlson, anchor of Fox News, reported about the shot, and the CDC was really offended by this.

Carlson published a comment on Twitter regarding the CDC’s bruised emotions, retweeting a clip of his program in which he described the COVID vaccination being mandatory for children to attend school and stating that they stand by what they said:

One American News Network reported on the creation of the vaccine for children’s school immunization lists.

“The move is seen as a recommendation rather than as a mandate. However, the decision leaves millions of parents worried due to reports of rising injuries and deaths caused by the vaccines.
In addition, the CDC is set to decide on whether Pfizer and Moderna should be permanently shielded from injury liability relating to COVID-19 vaccines.

The CDC’s actions are expected to improve the financial performance of COVID-vaccine makers while fueling further debate about vaccine mandates among the American public.”

Disclose TV said that the vaccinations were advised:

ABC News has come to the CDC’s defense, reporting:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention refutes a claim made by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who suggested on his broadcast this week that a CDC ruling mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for school attendance was imminent.

In an unusual tweet on Wednesday, the CDC informed Carlson, who has a history of opposing COVID vaccination policy or spreading erroneous information about the doses, that this is not within the CDC’s power.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

His segment was also fact-checked by Twitter, which threw a disclaimer below the video.

Carlson claimed that at an upcoming meeting of the CDC’s advisory committee, the agency was “expected to” update the list of routine childhood immunizations and include the COVID-19 vaccine, which would soon mean that kids “will not be able to attend school without taking the COVID shot.” CONTINUE READING…

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