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CHAOS: Reporters Revolt Against KJP in Briefing

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The White House press secretary once again demonstrated her disdain for the American people and the media by mistreating a reporter who was promoting subject-matter transparency. However, this is not news to the Democratic White House.

Since 13 May 2022, Karine Jean-Pierre, an American political strategist, has served as the White House press secretary. According to her profile, she is the first Black person and the first openly LGBTQ person to serve as White House press secretary, yet her behaviors toward the media have consisted mostly of disinformation and a cold shoulder.

A recent press conference was marred by an extremely awkward event that went viral.

The event occurred at the conclusion of the briefing, when Jean-Pierre was asked by another journalist to pose the final question. The enraged reporter shouted her own questions above Jean-appeals Pierre’s to “respect your colleagues.”

The following is a transcript of the conversation through Grabien:

Jean-Pierre: “I’m going to go around, I — we can go — we can — we can go back and forth on it. We can go back and forth on it. I was supposed to go to Chris in the back and I skipped him so I’m going to go back to Chris.”

Reporter 1: “Karine, my question is about the marriage bill that is in the Senate.”

Jean-Pierre: “You’re not being respectful. Go ahead. To your colleagues, to your own colleagues.”

Reporter 1: “[inaudible] that’s in the Senate. I’m going to ask about that.”

Jean-Pierre: “As you see, I jump (crosstalk) — okay, go ahead.”

VERAS: “We have been here asking for a question for more than a week.”

Jean-Pierre: “Respect your colleagues. Respect your colleagues. I’m sorry, Chris, you’re going to have to start from the beginning, because there was some disrespect happening. (crosstalk) You’re being disrespectful. Go ahead.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Last week, Fox News published a brutal report noting how KJP has held the position for nearly six months and still dodges valid questions about the president. CONTINUE READING…

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