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Chat Records Reveal Epic Meltdown In Federal Agency After Trump Win

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‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,’ a mental illness that causes able-bodied adults to freak out over the idea of not being pampered, began long before Donald J. Trump announced he was going to run for the nation’s top office, after years of federal agencies under Marxist Barack Obama were filled up with diversity hires who spent their time on the taxpayer’s dime being focused on promoting ‘Equity’ and social justice.

There appears to be an outbreak of these unstable and anti-American social justice activists among the Federal Government’s IT divisions.

When the “Golden Don” announced that he would not be governing as a sycophant, the frail social justice warriors were unprepared for the sensation of unrestrained freedom and independence. They panicked at the thought of losing their Daddy Government.

Five years were spent by the left kicking and screaming at the prospect of Trump restoring the people’s control over the government. Recent media reports indicate that leftists employed by the federal government feared Trump’s proposed reforms the most.

Luke Rosiac recently wrote for the Daily Wire on a complete “government employee” collapse in response to Trump’s enormous popularity with the American people:

” Top IT official at a scandal-plagued federal agency led what one participant called “the most partisan meeting I have ever attended” as despondent bureaucrats had a collective meltdown the day after Donald Trump was elected president 2016, internal messages obtained by The Daily Wire reveal”.

Rosiac went on in detail:

David Shive, chief information officer for the General Services Administration (GSA), addressed a critical technology department during a “town hall” On Nov. 9 when he made the shocking comments. The department he spoke to, the Technology Transformation Service (TTS), has since been cited for “gross misconduct” and security violations.

“That was the most partisan meeting I have ever attended in government. David Shive joking that he dressed like a Republican (because he wore a suit and tie?) and concern about the ‘white men’ and what steps needed to be taken to protect us from the new President-elect (‘having allies’),” one attendee wrote on Slack later. “I’m not even a Republican and I’m offended! The point of the meeting was to reassure the staff that everything will be all right and that certainly could have been done without the copious partisan overtones.”

Internal chat records obtained by The Daily Wire via the Freedom of Information Act reveal that the government’s central tech agency suffered a full-scale psychological breakdown when Donald Trump was elected president, with the group apparently believing that their job as government bureaucrats was to advance a Democratic agenda, rather than provide services at the direction of the government. DW reported on the following aspects of the chats:

“It’s not easy. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Pet all the pets. Squeeze all the fam and friends.”

The Daily Wire got messages including statements from and responses to the Zoom conference, as well as questions posed to the speakers.

According to the research, many feared for their “safety” despite having secure Technology employment and working remotely in large numbers.

“I want to know what we can do to ensure that this remains a safe working environment for everyone,” said a participant named Shawn Allen.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The Slack screen name for Allen, like several others who expressed fear for their well-being with Trump as the president-elect, listed pronouns. CONTINUE READING…

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