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‘Check Your Bank Statements’: Glitch Causes Customers to Be Double-Charged

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Credit card statements of shoppers who visited a Wegmans Food Markets store may contain an unpleasant surprise.

According to Fox Business, the 110-store chain with headquarters in Rochester, New York, estimated that customers may have been double-charged for transactions on August 16.

Last week, Jessica Figueroa wrote on Facebook, “So if you shopped at Wegmans yesterday, double-check your account,” as reported by Fox Business.

“According to them there was a system-wide error that caused a double charge for tons of customers. I just saw a double charge on my account,” she posted.

Another consumer advised clients to “check your bank statements.”

Wegmans stated that it does not know how the error occurred.

Retrieved from “https://twitter.com/FoxBusiness/status/1694215252122960149”

WVIB-TV reports that Wegmans initially issued a statement indicating the impact was minimal.

“We recently identified an issue with credit card transactions processed on August 16th for both in-store and online orders,” the statement said.

“Some credit card transactions were inadvertently charged twice for their order, however, EBT and debit card transactions were not affected,” the company said in a statement.

“We are working with our processor to reverse the charges. Customers will see the duplicate charges reversed in the upcoming days depending on their bank or issuer,” the company said.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

According to WHEC-TV, a later statement clarified that the impact was wider than first announced.

“Customers who swipe their debit card, select debit and use their PIN number were not impacted. But those who swiped their debit card, then chose credit at the terminal, would have been impacted,” the statement said. CONTINUE READING…

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