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‘Chemical Attack’ Hits Farm in America

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The flourishing season has reached its peak.

Michael Ruzycki would normally be busy harvesting baskets of vegetables from his two-acre farm in Jones, Oklahoma, which provides weekly food for more than 100 local families.

On the morning of June 13, however, Ruzycki discovered that virtually everything on the farm was deceased or dying.

He told KOKH-TV in Oklahoma City that it appeared to be a chemical attack.

David Chasanov of the station reported from the site of the devastation, “Michael Ruzycki says someone sprayed something on his crops, something he says he believes could cost him his entire business.”

Instead of being robust and erect, row after row of tomatoes, peppers, and other plants were wilted and strewn on the ground in the news footage.

Ruzycki appeared rattled during the interview with the news media.

“My spirits are crushed,” he said to the reporter.

Ruzycki said, “I’m devastated right now, because everything that I’ve worked for, for the last several months, 16-20 hour days, everything — I’ve given up everything, all my freedoms for this farm.”

On the first day, after observing the extensive damage, which he estimated to be between $80,000 and $100,000, he expressed skepticism regarding the future.

“I feel like I could’ve lost the trust of all my customers for the future,” Ruzycki worried aloud. “So whether I can salvage this season or not, I’m just not certain … [about] my position as a farmer, and my career choice is going to be in question at this point.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

He was upset, not just for himself but also for the customers of his small business.

“Messing with me is one thing,” Ruzycki said. “Messing with my customers, who happen to be my friends, I take it very personally, and it’s more than wrong — it’s disgraceful.” CONTINUE READING…

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