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Chris Cuomo: ‘I Was Going to Kill Everybody, Including Myself’ After CNN Firing

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Chris Cuomo, a former CNN anchor, stated in a recent interview that he pondered “killing everyone” and then himself after being dismissed in 2021.

Cuomo was ousted from his top cable news post in December of that year, following an inquiry into his use of his position as a reporter to assist his brother in navigating a succession of sexual harassment problems.

Former Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo faced multiple allegations, which his younger brother helped to resolve. Finally, the old governor resigned.

The anchor was accused of sexual misconduct while CNN was investigating.

He was sacked without cause, but he is now back on the air at NewsNation with a quarter of the viewers he formerly had nightly at his previous employment.

Cuomo told Anthony Scaramucci on his “Open Book” podcast on Wednesday that the loss of his position haunted him to the point that he had violent thoughts.

“I still fail, and I have learned to accept it. I had to accept because I was gonna kill everybody, including myself,” he told the former White House communications director.

“Things can consume you,” he added. “Italians are so passionate.”

According to Page Six, Cuomo stated that he had made many mistakes in his life, but losing his job with CNN, or being “s***-canned,” spurred him to seek counseling.

“There is damage that is relatable. There is damage that is unrelatable to people that I have to deal with, that I am working on,” he said.

Cuomo also said that his poor numbers on NewsNation are “sort of embarrassing” and that he is no longer a major TV news anchor.

After being fired from his employment, the 52-year-old filed a lawsuit against CNN. The network justified the termination at the time.

Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy discussed the “fallout” of Cuomo’s unexpected firing in a CNN web story.

This contained a strong view that there was “cause to terminate” the popular celebrity.

“The network also stated it had received an allegation of sexual assault from a ‘former junior colleague’ against Chris Cuomo,” as part of the probe into his employment for his brother.

Cuomo has denied any improper or unethical behavior. CNN dismissed Stelter last summer.

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