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Chuck Schumer in True Panic Mode About Release of Jan. 6 Footage

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I’ve been writing about the hysteria exhibited by some members of the Jan. 6 Committee about the thousands of hours of film that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy permitted Tucker Carlson and his team to examine. Why would they be so unhappy about people seeing the film and learning more about what transpired that day? Isn’t that what they insisted they desired? However, all of a sudden, they’re losing their cool and coming up with all sorts of excuses for why more light on the matter is such a bad thing.

We observed many members of the Committee, including Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), former Rep. Adam Kinzinger, and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), having tantrums and flipping off. Schiff, who championed several conspiracy theories about Russian involvement, alleged that Carlson pushed “Kremlin talking points” and propagated conspiracies. Kinzinger reprimanded McCarthy for sharing it just with Carlson and not with the rest of Congress or investigators, without explaining why disclosing the truth is harmful or why his committee did not disclose the video footage. Raskin managed to contradict himself by stating that the publication may jeopardize national security and then asking why it wasn’t made available to the general public. Later he stated that disclosing further information about the incident would promote “MAGA propaganda.” You could feel their desperation over what people may see in the film.

Today, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) is in full panic mode as well. How much does he lose? Chuck compared providing additional information about the events of January 6 to 9/11. I’m not joking. Continue on as Schumer complains that McCarthy “unnecessarily exposes” the Capitol complex to “one of the greatest security threats since 9/11.”

It is absurd to assert that providing film to Tucker Carlson is comparable to the 9/11 attacks. That is offensive and diminishes the suffering endured by Americans on that day. I understand that Chuck is always political, but this is particularly disgraceful, especially coming from a New York senator. In addition, he stated that the “Senate” opposed its distribution. Chuck, I did not notice a vote being taken there. You do not speak on behalf of the Senate as a whole.

The Democrats are throwing all they can at the release in an attempt to discredit it. They released the material they desired to disclose through the Committee in accordance with their political agenda; thus, why not release all of the footage that does not affect security? Congress is ours, and we have a right to observe it. They work for us and not the other way around, despite what Schumer and others may believe.

Let’s discuss that day’s security, which then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had a hand in implementing but which absolutely failed. If it was so unsuccessful, shouldn’t we want to know more about how to improve it? Yet, the Jan. 6 Committee was primarily interested in pursuing a political agenda and attacking President Donald Trump.

Yet, if Tucker Carlson’s claims are accurate, Schumer and the rest of his clique will likely have additional fits. He stated that they had already witnessed some contradictory evidence. Prepare for further outbursts when Carlson reveals this information next week as they continue to study the film.

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