Clinton Busted — Demands Investigation Of Dead Advisor

Arkansided is the action of experiencing Arkanside- which is basically the way that people *in the know* say that a very close associate who knows Bill and Hillary Clinton very well – has ended up dead in a very suspicious set of circumstances.

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And it has been around for a long time and is back in the news again- with a recent death.

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From a 2004 article on the topic- the phenomena was also described by The Progressive Review as
‘Arkansas Sudden Death Syndrome’, and here is what they reported:

A number of persons associated with WJ Clinton or Arkansas politics have died of unnatural causes or suddenly under circumstances that have raised questions. While lists compiled by some run as high as 61 deaths, the following is limited to those deaths with clear anomalies that, based on the information available to TPR, require further investigation.

A few important points: (1) The fact that anomalies need to be investigated carries no presumption of how a death occurred, only that there remain serious questions that require answers. (2) The possibility of foul play must be taken seriously in a major criminal conspiracy in which over two score individuals and firms have already been convicted and over 100 witnesses have pled the Fifth Amendment or fled the country. (3) If foul play did occur in any of these cases, that fact by itself does not carry the presumption that the White House was involved. Given the footprints of organized crime, the drug trade, foreign espionage, and intelligence agencies along the trail of this story, such an assumption would not be warranted.

Check out their article for a list of suspicious deaths up to 2004.

But of course, the concept is alive to this day:

This brings us to 2022.

The death of Mark Middleton according to The Sun- from May 10:


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Mark Middleton dead at 59 – Bill Clinton’s special advisor ‘who let Epstein into White House 7 TIMES’ dies.

PRESIDENT Bill Clinton’s former special advisor, Mark Middleton passed away Saturday at the age of 59 as confirmed by his family.

Middleton is known for cementing the former president’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Middleton, who introduced the perv to the president, joins a growing pile of corpses associated with Epstein, who in August 2019 was suspiciously found hanging in his New York jail cell where he was awaiting a sex trafficking trial for allegedly providing a bevy of young girls to powerful politicians and businessmen – rumored to include Prince Andrew.

The others include Epstein’s closest associate Jean-Luc Brunel, the 76-year-old French modeling scout turn pimp who was found hanging inside his Paris, France jail cell; and Clinton/Epstein pal Steve Bing, 55, who allegedly committed suicide by falling from a 27-story Los Angeles building in 2020.

While working as President Clinton’s special advisor under then chief of staff Thomas Mack McCarty in the early 1990s, Middleton reportedly befriended Epstein and invited him to the White House at least seven times.

Radar Online reported that at least one person is brave enough to demand an investigation:

An independent outside agency should investigate the bizarre suicide of Bill Clinton’s former presidential advisor linked to billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein, the dead man’s former business associate exclusively tells Radar.

Mark Middleton, 59, was suspiciously found May 7th dangling from a tree with a shotgun blast hole through his chest and a cheap Dollar Store-type extension cord around his neck. The hell-bent businessman created his own makeshift gallows by trespassing onto a farm with a table.

The terrified business associate, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of dying, tells the Little Rock father of two was close to the former Commander-in-Cheat – having an integral role in founding the Clinton Presidential Library and the Clinton Birthplace Foundation.

“Everyone that I know here, that has worked with Mark, knows it is physically impossible for Mark to have killed himself,” the source tells

“He could not physically hold a shotgun and done that to himself,” the source added. “He knows nothing about guns! He hated guns; he couldn’t have tied a noose to save his life! The man couldn’t change a light bulb by himself. He was the least physically skilled person I have ever met in my life. He was very smart, great with paperwork, legalities, and all of that but he couldn’t physically take care of himself.”

“So, his death scenario is completely implausible to everybody that knew him.”

The business associate tells that Middleton was actively engaged in financial investments with the same Little Rock characters who allegedly worked with John Glasgow, the chief financial officer of CDI Contractors Inc., the lead firm that constructed the Clinton library.

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Glasgow vanished without a trace in 2008 after reporting financial irregularities with the Clinton library construction costs and his skeletal remains were found at Petit Jean State Park in 2015. His cause of death is undetermined.

Middleton allegedly suffered from depression and his death was ruled a suicide by investigators even though he didn’t a tell-tale suicide note.

Attempts by to contact relatives for Middleton and Glasgow were unsuccessful.

As reported last week, Middleton was found on a 1200-acre ground of the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas – a farm run by Heifer International, a feed-the-hungry non-profit whose headquarters is on the same parcel of land owned by the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock.