Clinton Campaign Just Left Sussmann Out To Hang

Former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann continues to attract the attention of special counsel John Durham.

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In just the last week, Durham defeated Sussmann’s attempt to dismiss the charges.

Currently, he is trying to give immunity to a key witness, all the while revealing that the Clinton campaign’s claims were considered “not technically plausible” and “user-created.”

The official also revealed that at least five former Clinton campaign contractors and researchers invoked the Fifth Amendment and did not want to participate in the investigation for fear of committing criminal offenses.

As a final point, Durham provides further details regarding the alleged false claims made by both Marc Elias and Christopher Steele, general counsel to the Clinton campaign.

According to Durham, Sussmann has been implicated in extremely damaging evidence. This is however the first comprehensive account of Clinton associates refusing to cooperate with the investigation under the Fifth Amendment.

It was noted by Durham that he had granted immunity to “Research 2.” He then noted that this was due to key Clinton associates refusing to cooperate:

The only witness currently immunized by the government, Researcher-2, was conferred with that status on July 28, 2021 – over a month prior to the defendant’s Indictment in this matter.

And the Government immunized Researcher-2 because, among other reasons, at least five other witnesses who conducted work relating to the Russian Bank-1 allegations invoked (or indicated their intent to invoke) their right against self-incrimination.

The Government therefore pursued Researcher-2’s immunity in order to uncover otherwise-unavailable facts underlying the opposition research project that Tech Executive-1 and others carried out in advance of the defendant’s meeting with the FBI.

As for Sussmann, he and other Clinton associates are using attorney-client privileges to hide evidence from Durham.

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Also, Durham detailed the involvement of Clinton General Counsel Marc Elias and Christopher Steele in the false Russian collusion claims related to Alfa Bank. The immunized testimony requested will be from a Tech executive who can provide information about meetings with Elias and Steele.

Sussmann’s efforts and the Alfa Bank hoax were comparable to the efforts of Elias at the law firm Perkins Coie in pushing the Steele dossier, which turned out to be a debunked collusion claim. Recent fines were imposed by the Federal Election Commission on the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee for not disclosing the funding of the dossier by Perkins Coie as a legal cost.

Durham notes that both the CIA and FBI were sent on an effective wild goose chase by the Clinton campaign. He notes that the government found the allegations to be manufactured and not even technically possible. He refers to the CIA in the following passage:

Agency-2 concluded in early 2017 that the Russian Bank-1 data and Russian Phone Provider-1 data was not “technically plausible,” did not “withstand technical scrutiny,” “contained gaps,” “conflicted with [itself],” and was “user-created and not machine/tool generated.

As a result, Clinton associates themselves raised concerns about the lack of support for their claims of Russian collusion. In these exchanges, “Researcher 1” appears significantly.

The Alfa Bank claim collapsed even before Sussmann handed it over to the FBI, says Durham.

A number of internet companies were allegedly influenced by the alleged authority of an unnamed “tech executive” to produce the ridiculous claim. (The executive is alleged to have received a top cyber security job during the Clinton administration).

Unnamed university researchers and those working on the secret project both expressed misgivings about the argument, repeatedly claiming that it was bogus.

The researchers were advised not to look for proof but only enough information to “give the base of a very useful narrative.”

In the indictment, the researchers claimed that anyone knowledgeable about analyzing internet traffic would poke holes in that narrative, writing that what they found likely “was not a secret communications channel with Russian Bank-1, but ‘a red herring.’”

“Researcher-1” reiterated these doubts, according to the indictment, and asked, “How do we plan to defend against the criticism that this is not spoofed traffic we are observing? There is no answer to that. Let’s assume again that they are not smart enough to refute our ‘best case scenario.’ You do realize that we will have to expose every trick we have in our bag to even make a very weak association.”

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“Researcher-1” is said to have warned, “We cannot technically make any claims that would fly public scrutiny. The only thing that drives us at this point is that we just do not like [Trump]. This will not fly in eyes of public scrutiny. Folks, I am afraid we have tunnel vision. Time to regroup?”

With the issuance of immunity deals, the “time to regroup” has passed.

As for the Clinton associates who are refusing to cooperate with Durham’s investigation out of fear they will incriminate themselves, well, where there’s smoke, there’s fire and all heat sensors are pointing towards Hillary.