CNN Contributor Makes Disturbing Accusations Against Trump

CNN’s John King remarked that former President Donald Trump was “stained by history” because of the way the Trump administration reacted to the coronavirus and the Capitol Hill chaos.

King stated, “Look what happened today. America marked this horrific, horrific milestone, 500 thousand of our friends and neighbors and relatives dead from COVID.”

“Most of that is on President Trump, who walked away from science, walked away from common sense, ignored a pandemic on his watch. What happened on January 6th? An insurrection came after a rally led by the former president. He is stained by history. He’s stained by his actions.”

“He’s stained by his record.”

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“But he has is what used to be an organization born of William F. Buckley, Jr. about conservative ideas and rebels, about challenging the establishment. Now it is the Trump sycophant society.”

“That’s what it is, pure and simple. I covered CPAC for years. That organization doesn’t exist anymore.”


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“This is the Trump parallel universe right now. ‘Let’s keep promoting the big lie.’ The big lie attack on the truth, attack on the fact, attack on decency and democracy, go for it.”