CNN’s collapse is now fully complete

CNN has completed its “riches to rags” journey in total humiliation, as President Donald J. Trump predicted. However, the mainstream media will completely ignore that Trump and his supporters were right about the unpopularity of pushing leftist propaganda.

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It could be the “Trump Curse,” but CNN has been heading for disaster for a long time, even though CNN started with a decent idea, as The Hill reported.

“Until 2002, CNN was ​No. 1 in the cable news race. But the competition that hadn’t existed before ended its dominance forever, primarily in the form of Fox News and, to a lesser extent, MSNBC. Despite the ratings results, CNN continued to carry itself as a credible, facts-first network of integrity that leaned heavily on solid reporting with a sprinkling of opinion and infotainment mixed in via programs such as Larry King Live and Crossfire, The Hill reported on Monday.

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In recent memory, CNN, led by Jeff Zucker, became nothing more than a constant attack machine of the left, solely focused on discrediting Trump and trying to marginalize and dis-spirit his supporters.

Now Zucker and the entire news network see the consequences of alienating massive groups of people.

Some people believe the recent dust-up over the resignation of Zucker is over a relationship, and even The Hill is suspicious, according to their recent reporting by Joe Concha:

“Zucker released a statement saying he had to resign because of a consensual affair with an executive named Allison Gollust. WarnerMedia apparently has a rule against this, so Zucker — instead of a slap on the wrist for a benign offense — simply had to go abruptly. Nobody believed this excuse. Turns out they may have had plenty of reason to be skeptical, Concha wrote.

Concha cited several reports he read to cite documentation that Zucker didn’t leave because of a relationship and hinted that it was more likely because Zucker’s actions forced him out.

“In the spring of 2020, the country was in a horrific place. Businesses shut completely; people were scared. There were no COVID-19 therapeutics, no vaccines. Hospitals ​were overwhelmed, thousands were dying ​each day. If ​ever there was a time for news organizations to educate and inform the public, this was it. Instead, Zucker apparently believed it was the perfect time to exploit the situation for political gain and to help the network’s ratings,” Concha wrote.

Concha speculated that Zucker’s attempts at directing content about the COVID virus was to elevate radical leftist Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo- who later was forced out of office:

“Andrew Cuomo benefited from briefings that made him​ appear to be the adult in the room ​regarding COVID-19 and Trump ​appear to be the villain. ​Cuomo got a $5.1 million book deal as a result,” Concha wrote.

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And to prove that CNN has wholly fallen, Concha wrote:

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“Moving forward, what’s next for CNN when the company falls under the Discovery Channel umbrella later this year? Let’s hear from its soon-to-be largest shareholder, John Malone of Liberty Media.

“I would like to see CNN evolve back to the kind of journalism that it started with, and have journalists, which would be unique and refreshing,” Malone said in an interview that recently aired on CNBC.”