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Conservative Congressman Sends Trump Supporters Headed to Miami an Ominous Warning: ‘Don’t Fall for the Trap’

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Sunday, Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins issued a statement cautioning Trump supporters heading to Miami against “falling for the trap the DOJ/FBI has set.”

In his statement, Higgins said that the recent persecution of President Trump by the DOJ is more than just the weaponization of our DOJ and FBI against a conservative American leader; it is “an example of the now SOP entrapment-staging that the FBI conducts.”

“My fellow conservatives, the DOJ/FBI doesn’t expect to imprison Trump, they expect to imprison you,” Higgins wrote. “They want J6 again.”

Higgins cautioned conservatives that the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation hoped to provoke them and that reacting to this perimeter investigation would set them up for targeted persecution and further entrapment.

“They’re doing this because they want you to let your anger overwhelm your strategic judgment, and they expect you to step willingly into their trap. Don’t do it,” he cautioned.

“Don’t fall for the trap,” he wrote. “Maintain your family. Live your life. Live free and pay close attention and make your voice heard, yes … but don’t become an incarcerated pawn in the agenda driven DOJ/FBI strategy to oppress conservatives across America.”

Higgins’ warning is a good one.

Jan. 6 was the “well, what about…” moment Democrats had been waiting for, a response they could now hurl in the faces of conservatives whenever they were confronted with the violence that is so prevalent on the right.

Since that fateful day at the Capitol, whenever there are disturbances in the streets, whenever a church is firebombed, whenever stores are looted and cities are devastated, or whenever children are shot in cold blood on the streets of Democratic cities, they ask, “Well, what about Jan. 6?”

WARNING: This video contains graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers

The Democrats have turned January 6 into a club, devastating lives and branding “domestic terrorist” on the foreheads of innocent Americans protesting or defending their children at school board meetings.

According to USA Today, more than 950 persons were charged on January 6, and more than 3,860 counts of criminal activity will be presented against 934 defendants by December 2022.

People were fired simply for being there.

Higgins is correct to call for peace because, whether or not it is a trap, it is undeniable that the demonstrably biased FBI and DOJ would welcome the chance to add more “well, what about” queries to their worn-out January 6 mantra.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

But, “what about” questions go both ways. CONTINUE READING…

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