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Conservative Radio Host and Writer Taken to Hospital with ‘Scary’ Symptoms After Show: ‘Please Pray for Strength’

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Steve Deace, a conservative Christian radio host and author, was admitted to the emergency room on Monday night with severe symptoms brought on by what his wife described on social media as a “infection” of unknown nature.

She wrote that Deace “tried to do the show” on Monday, but his symptoms worsened. Although TheBlaze’s website displayed a Monday episode of “The Steve Deace Show” for account holders to stream, it was not immediately obvious whether Deace had finished Monday’s program.

Monday evening, a tweet on Deace’s Twitter account, evidently written by his wife Amy, stated that Deace was hospitalized and requested prayers for his condition.

During what was undoubtedly a difficult time for her, she tweeted less than an hour later a plea for the (sadly inevitable) negative comments from Twitter abusers to cease.

Several hours later, another tweet that could have been written by either Deace or his wife (but was likely written by Amy Deace, given her subsequent comments) sounded almost desperate.

Several Twitter users, some of whom appeared to be the Deaces’ acquaintances and family, stated that they were praying. Amy later tweeted from her husband’s account that those prayers were efficacious.

Amy posted a final update on Facebook just before 5 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, expressing gratitude for the prayers and informing well-wishers that her spouse had finally returned home.

“I will let him tell you what he wants to tell you tomorrow when he wakes up,” she wrote. As of 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, no additional updates had been posted.

The fact that Deace has been involved in the production of the conservative film “Nefarious,” which opens on Friday, makes the timing of his illness particularly problematic.

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