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Coroner Releases Final Autopsy Report for Actress Anne Heche, Revealing Her Cause of Death

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Anne Heche was not affected by illicit narcotics on the day she smashed her automobile into a residence in the Los Angeles region, igniting a fire that caused her death.

On August 5, Heche, 53, was driving recklessly in Mar Vista, California, hitting an apartment complex with her little vehicle before driving into a residence.

The media reported unofficially that she had narcotics in her system at the time. Page Six of the New York Post also reported that the first police investigation focused on the matter as a suspected felony DUI occurrence.

After the collision, Heche remained cognizant for a few seconds before falling into a coma from which she never awoke. Her organs were extracted on August 15 after she was confirmed brain dead one week after the tragedy.

According to People, the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner reported on Tuesday that she had no narcotics in her system at the time of her accident.

“The hospital admission blood showed the presence of benzoylecgonine, the inactive metabolite of cocaine, which means she used in the past but not at the time of the crash,” a representative for the coroner’s office said.

The representative stated that there were signs of cannabis usage in Heche’s urine, but it was “not detected in the admission blood and is consistent with prior use, but not at the time of the injury.”

At the time of her death, Heche had fentanyl in her system, but according to the autopsy report, it was “obtained after she received treatment at the hospital and therefore is consistent with therapeutic use.”

“This is supported by the lack of fentanyl in the blood specimen drawn at admission to the hospital,” the report said.

According to TMZ, no traces of alcohol were detected in her system.

The coroner’s office assessed that Heche’s car struck the home at about 80 miles per hour.

Her burns prevented her body from adequately absorbing oxygen, resulting in “anoxic brain injury,” which was listed as the cause of her death.

According to Page Six, Heche also had a cracked sternum, which made it “painful while breathing when she was in her vehicle,”

The coroner’s office believed that Heche was locked in her vehicle for approximately thirty minutes. 12 percent of the actress’s body had second-degree burns, according to the report.

The home that her vehicle crashed into was destroyed by the subsequent fire.

According to Page Six, the home’s owner, Lynn Michele, has subsequently sued Heche’s estate for $2 million.

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