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Court Docs: FBI Had EIGHT Informants in Proud Boys Prior to January 6

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On January 6, it has been revealed that FBI informants were present in the United States Capitol. However, their responsibilities remain unknown, and government investigations into their activities are not proceeding at the same rate as inquiries into other players. Furthermore, there is far less transparency regarding their actions than the American people would want.

Citizens who wish to understand what transpired that day continue to wonder whether or not the informants were infiltrated with activist organizations. One publication investigated court papers and public information on the FBI’s role.

“Court Docs: FBI Had EIGHT Informants in Proud Boys Prior to January 6,” Rusty Weiss reported on Wednesday for Political Insider, adding:

Recent court documents show the FBI had as many as eight – EIGHT – informants embedded with the “Proud Boys” group in the months leading up to the January 6 riot at the Capitol in 2021.

The bombshell revelation comes via the New York Times and raises several alarms, among them being just how the eight informants and their presence within the group, and the information they gleaned from working with the group, didn’t result in the FBI stopping the riot in the first place.

It also raises the question with defense lawyers as to whether the group may have been, or to what degree they were, entrapped by the informants themselves.

The New York Times reports that court filings for defense lawyers representing five members of the Proud Boys currently on trial for seditious conspiracy have unveiled the number of informants.

“Some of the information the confidential sources had provided to the government was favorable to their efforts to defend their clients against sedition charges and was improperly withheld by prosecutors until several days ago,” the defense claimed.

“Because all of the material remains under a highly restrictive protective order, it is not possible to know what the informants told the government about the Proud Boys’ role in the Capitol attack or how that information might affect the outcome of the trial,” the Times writes.

According to The New York Times, “The FBI had as many as eight informants inside the Proud Boys in the months around the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, recent court papers indicate, raising questions about how much federal investigators were able to learn from them before and after it took place.”

With so many informants active in the days preceding the riot, it is difficult to understand why the FBI did not use their intelligence to prevent the violence from occurring.

“Questions about informants reporting to the government from inside extremist groups have been raised repeatedly throughout the Justice Department’s sprawling investigation of the Capitol attack,” the paper of record explains.

“They have included concerns about why the informants were not able to give the government advanced warning about plans to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6 or seemingly to corroborate accusations after the fact that the groups conspired in plotting the attack.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“That is a charitable evaluation. Either they gave them information in advance and the FBI did nothing with it to stop the riot, or they are truly very bad informants,” Weiss reported. CONTINUE READING…

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