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Court Employee Tries To Confront Trump In Court – Immediately Pays The Price

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On Wednesday, an audience member was apprehended during the civil fraud trial involving Donald Trump for ascending from their seat during testimony and approaching the front of the courtroom, where the former president was situated. The individual in question was a member of the audience.

The woman expressed her desire to offer support to President Trump, whereas the judicial system maintained that no one involved in the trial, including the president, was exposed to any danger.

The person, who was subsequently acknowledged as a court system employee, opted to withdraw from the situation in response to a court official’s instruction to return to her position. As per court spokesperson Lucian Chalfen, the person in question was subsequently taken out of the courtroom by officials and arrested on suspicion of contempt for causing commotion during a court proceeding.

Chalfen asserts that the woman conveyed her intention to aid Trump through verbal communication; nevertheless, the journalists in attendance at the tribunal failed to discern any discernible increase in volume in her discourse. Her subsequent vocalizations became audible in the courthouse foyer, where she was being escorted out of the premises by law enforcement officials.

An NBC camera captured the woman as she voiced her apprehensions to court personnel, affirming her right to be present while demonstrating dread. I hold citizenship within the Unit.“You’re scaring me,” she said, adding, “and I have a right to be here. I’m an American citizen, and I’m also a court employee. I’m also just here to support Donald Trump.”

The participant continued by stating that she had been maintaining a composed demeanor while observing the proceedings and had complied with the directives of a court official, who had cautioned her against causing any additional disturbances.

Chalfen reports that the unidentified individual has been placed on administrative leave and prohibited from entering state courts pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation by the authorities.

It is apparent that Trump was not apprised of the altercation. Just before leaving the courthouse, Trump inquired about the identity of the court official in issue, posing the following query: “Who got arrested? We didn’t know anything about it.

“You know who should be arrested? The attorney general for what she’s doing.”

The person who was apprehended on Wednesday in a Manhattan courtroom after attempting to approach former President Donald Trump has been identified as a secretary working for a Queens-based judge who has prior experience with legal complications.

Jenny Hannigan, who allegedly declared her intention to aid Trump, was apprehended in 2015 subsequent to an outburst at a gas station in Brooklyn, as per police sources.

Hannigan, according to sources from the police department, is suspected of having inflicted damage to a credit card machine. As a result, Hannigan has been officially accused of the offense of resisting arrest. The Post was provided with this information.

Two years prior to her arrest for driving under the influence in 2011, Hannigan filed federal legal action against law enforcement officers from Nassau County, alleging that she was the victim of a sexual assault while in a police vehicle. The charges were brought against her in the proceeding.

As per previous investigations conducted by The Post, it was alleged that Officer Gary Zima proceeded to penetrate his fingertips and hands into and around Hannigan’s vaginal region after she was positioned in the rear of the vehicle.

An “undetermined” result was reported by CBS New York regarding the internal investigation into the assault allegation against Zima. Nevertheless, Zima was charged with a breach of policy after three days passed after her detention, when she sent Hannigan a text message inquiring about her well-being.

Based on the court records at her disposal, Hannigan and Nassau County and the police reached an undisclosed settlement in February 2016.

A significant event transpired during the trial when President Trump, manifesting indications of impatience, participated in tumultuous deliberations with his legal team while real estate appraiser Doug Larson testified concerning his interactions with a Trump firm officer.

Kevin Wallace, an attorney for the state, petitioned Judge Arthur Engoron to intervene and order the defense to abstain from speaking during the witness’s testimony. Furthermore, Wallace observed that the witness could easily hear these remarks from wherever he was situated in the room. Following that, the presiding judge issued a directive for all attendees to maintain a quiet vocal volume, especially in situations where such vocalizations were intended to impact the substance of the testimony.

The legal action, instigated by New York Attorney General Letitia James, asserts that Trump and his organization were involved in fraudulent activities through the provision of substantially inflated statements regarding his wealth and the worth of his assets to banks and insurers. The ongoing legal matter under consideration concerns the unresolved accusations of insurance fraud, conspiracy, and falsification of business documents, which follow Engoron’s prior determination that Trump and his organization were culpable of fraudulent activities.

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