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Court Filing Exposes Link Between Jeffrey Epstein, Obama White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler and JPMorgan Chase

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A court filing on Tuesday revealed that in February of 2019, convicted child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein personally facilitated a business relationship between Obama White House Council Kathryn Ruemmler and JP Morgan Chase bank.

According to CNBC, Epstein performed the professional favor for Ruemmler nearly six years after the financial firm claimed it severed connections with him due to internal warnings.

According to the report, JPMorgan accepted Epstein’s recommendation that they embrace Ruemmler as a customer despite these assertions and the alleged schism.

Epstein was apprehended on federal accusations of child sex trafficking in July 2019, four months after JPMorgan’s referral. On August 10, one month later, Epstein was discovered deceased in his prison cell. His passing was declared a suicide.

According to Daily Beast, Ruemmler, who served during both the Clinton and Obama administrations, was close enough to Epstein to attend his trial in July 2019.

Their source confirmed that the two had a “professional relationship” and indicated that she was present “as a show of support.”

New court filings from a lawsuit by the U.S. Virgin Islands against JPMorgan, in which the territory claimed that it suffered injury as a result of Epstein’s illegal business transactions on the islands, have given the revelations renewed prominence.

According to news accounts, the most recent filings were preceded by multiple similar legal proceedings initiated by the U.S. territory in the past.

The territory’s spokesman accused the bank of “assisting and profiting from human trafficking,” according to The Guardian.

According to this report, a lawsuit filed against JPMorgan by up to one hundred women alleged that the institution continued to do business with the disgraced financial magnate because he benefited them as affluent customers.

JPMorgan argued that they would not have continued the relationship if they had been aware that Epstein was using their bank “in any way to help commit heinous crimes.”

The court filings have validated other reports that investigate the connection between Epstein, Ruemmler, and JPMorgan in greater depth.

According to a Wall Street Journal article published on April 30, Epstein’s personal calendar from September 8, 2014 included appointments with Ruemmler, with further meetings scheduled to introduce her to more of his acquaintances, including Bill Gates.

“I regret ever knowing Jeffrey Epstein,” Ms. Ruemmler said, according to the Journal.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Ruemmler acknowledged that Epstein had helped her “drum up business” for her private practice.

According to CNBC, Ruemmler is presently the general counsel for Goldman Sachs. He is the link between Epstein, Obama, and JP Morgan Chase.

Ruemmler, through a representative of her current employer, declined to comment.

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