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Court Votes to Remove Voting Machines from Election, Turns to Paper Ballots and Hand Counting Only

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A county in Arkansas joins a rising number of jurisdictions that are rejecting electronic voting machines and reverting to paper ballots, as an increasing number of Americans question the dependability and security of voting machines.

KARK-TV reports that a Cleburne County quorum court ruled last week to end the use of computerized voting machines and return to dependable paper ballots, mandating that all future elections be tallied by hand.

In a Dec. 19 press release, Arkansas Voter Integrity Initiative (AVII) CEO Colonel Conway Reynolds stated, “These voting machines, which are really just computers, do not follow US or Arkansas election laws which clearly state that voters have the right to verify that their votes are properly being represented when entered into the tabulation computer.”

“We are told by election officials to check the names on the ballot summary card before we cast it into the tabulator, but the tabulator does not read the printed names on the ballot summary card – it only reads the barcodes. I don’t read barcode, so I cannot verify that my vote was properly recorded,” Reynolds added.

In Arkansas, there is no statewide voting procedure, and state law permits each county to determine its own voting method.

Justice of the Peace Jacque Martin of Cleburne County stated that there are simply too many voters who lack confidence in the machines.

Martin stated, “It’s time we take back and return to having elections we can have faith in – with transparency and integrity.”

The organization believes that its victory in Cleburne County may be replicated in the remaining 74 county quorum courts around the state.

Clint Lancaster, the primary attorney for AVII and a Saline County election commissioner, stated in the lawsuit’s release, “AVII has taken a major step forward in election integrity today. The voting machines in Arkansas violate state and federal law designed to protect the voter’s right to confirm his or her ballot before it is cast. This lawsuit will restore confidence in the electorate and bring back transparency to the voting process. Our firm is excited about the future and to represent an organization that is not afraid to fight for the citizens of Arkansas.”

Arkansas’ efforts to replace voting equipment are not a new topic. In 2020, 31 states were investigating and discussing the need to replace voting machines, cancel provider contracts, or return to paper ballots.

Last year, in anticipation of the midterm elections in 2022, experts from around the nation urged states to revert to paper ballots.

The Associated Press reported that in Georgia, a committee of 13 experts warned the State Election Board and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to immediately discontinue the use of Dominion Voting Systems touchscreen voting devices.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

In Arizona, Donald Trump even backed a lawsuit calling for officials to jettison the machines and go back to paper ballots.

During a rally in April of last year, Trump said, “Every state should follow the lead of the patriots in Arizona where yesterday Kari Lake and Mark Finchem filed a lawsuit to ban electronic voting machines and replace them with a transparent hand count.” CONTINUE READING…

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