Criminal Charges Could Be Coming For Wray And Garland

On his Friday show, top podcaster Steve Bannon, a former adviser to President Trump, said that the Justice Department and the FBI’s top officials are likely to face criminal charges in the near future.

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The comment, made in response to the first prime-time hearing of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked January 6 Committee, was made after a series of explosive lies and misinformation were spewed by the panel.

“I think we’re going to get criminal charges against [FBI Director Christopher] Wray and [U.S. Attorney General Merrick] Garland and all of those hacks over there,” Bannon said.

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“They’re inundated with whistleblowers from the FBI. Patriots, hard-working patriots are blowing these guys up,” he continued. “Thousands of whistleblowers. Thousands. Let me underline that .. on the maleficence and politicization of the America Gestapo, the FBI.”

“I don’t care if the FBI doesn’t like it. You’re a Gestapo, you’re an American Gestapo. You’re going to be taken apart brick by brick. Whether we need a federal agency like that, that’s for people to decide. But you are going to be deconstructed. Because the rot that you have, and we should have done it after 9-11, let’s be honest,” he continued in utter disdain for the abundantly clear abuse of power of our nation’s top officials.

Then Bannon went on to declare that Trump also actually won the 2020 presidential election, which the January 6 committee insists is a major misconception that led to the unprecedented events at the nation’s capitol on Jan. 6.

“Let me reiterate this. Donald J. Trump won the presidency again on the 3rd of November of 2020. And Marc Elias and all you guys, and let’s leave the machines aside as a topic for another day but a side that our intelligence can be hacked six ways from Sunday, that’s [the Department of Homeland Security]. Donald J. Trump won the presidency,” he said.

“He is the legitimate president of the United States and your guy is illegitimate, and the American people are awakening to that,” Bannon added.

In preparation for the panel’s Jan. 6 “prime-time” hearings on Thursday, Fox News’ White House correspondent Chad Pergram reported that the panel had hired former ABC News President James Goldston to “produce” the hearings.

“Fox has confirmed that the committee investigating last year’s riot at the Capitol has hired former ABC News President James Goldston to ‘produce’ the slate of hearings scheduled for this month. Fox is told Goldston will have a hand in all of the hearings this month,” Pergram wrote on Twitter.

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“But Goldston will be particularly involved in the efforts by the committee to make its prime-time hearing Thursday and another one later this month ‘TV friendly.’ Fox is also told that the actual witness list for the hearing will come in the next day or two,” he added.

“However, the committee will intersperse various portions of taped depositions, new audio/videotape and never-before-seen footage from inside the Capitol on the day of the riot,” Pergram concluded.

Rep. Adam Schiff, one of the most dishonest Democrats in Congress, had announced earlier this week that his party would present a “comprehensive narrative” at the prime-time hearings.

“Our goal is to present the narrative of what happened in this country, how close we came to losing our democracy, what led to the violence,” he told Margaret Brennan on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” adding: “Americans I think know a great deal already — they have seen a number of bombshells already [and] there’s a great deal they haven’t seen. But perhaps the most important is the public has not seen it woven together, how one thing led to another.”

“January 6 was the violent culmination of an extensive effort to overturn a presidential election,” Schiff added.

“The American people know a lot about those events, but soon they will learn more, and see how close we came to losing our democracy. On Thursday, we will begin to tell that story,” he concluded with bravado in a manner in which seemed as though he was selling a blockbuster movie.

It’s all part of the show. This hearing is not an actual hearing as they are making Americans believe, it’s a partisan show trial perfectly timed to air ahead of the 2022 primaries in which Democrats are slated to lose by a monumental landslide.

However, despite the buildup Schiff and others created for leading to their big, produced and televised event, the “show” fell flat.

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“The world is watching what we do here,” Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., said in his opening statement of the show trial. “America has long been expected to be a shining city on a hill, a beacon of hope and freedom, a model for others when we are at our best.”

Thompson’s viewership, however, came in well below expectation.

According to The Federalist, preliminary ratings figures show “more than 19 million tuned in for what was anticipated to be a blockbuster event. While 19 million may seem high at first glance, a look at what cable and broadcast networks typically pull for an average evening reveals Thursday’s viewership as little to brag about, especially when all but one, Fox News, aired the livestream.”