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Crowd Reacts with Confused Silence as Fetterman’s Speech Turns Into Word Salad

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A video of Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman faltering during a campaign address is circulating on social media.

On May 13, Fetterman, the state’s current lieutenant governor, suffered a stroke.

Despite this, he has decided to continue his U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania against Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is backed by Trump.

Since then, a string of bizarre linguistic mistakes and gaffes has prompted many to question Fetterman’s suitability for government.

Saturday, RNC Research disseminated the film across several media, resulting in a significant number of views. (The date the video was taken isn’t clear.)

The video has over 18,000 views on YouTube and over 340,000 on Twitter as of Sunday afternoon.

“Send me to Washington D.C….,” Fetterman said in the video as the audience applauded enthusiastically.

The 53-year-old Senate candidate then proceeded, obviously seeking more applause from the crowd.

After his next few statements, however, he was received with nothing but quiet, perhaps due to the jumbled, incoherent nature of his remarks.

“To take on to make sure I push back against work to work,” Fetterman continued.

His current health issues were addressed in an interview conducted by Dasha Burns of NBC News on October 7. Wednesday is when the interview aired.

According to American Wire, NBC News’ preview coverage of the interview on Tuesday revealed Fetterman’s mental state to be far from healthy.

More on this story via The Western Journal: 

“I talked with [Fetterman] back in May, back before the primary, before the stroke, at his home in Braddock. That interview was very different from what we discussed, very different from the backdrop that we have here today,” Burns said.

“He is still suffering from auditory processing issues, which means he has a hard time understanding what he’s hearing, so NBC News agreed to closed captioning during this interview.” CONTINUE READING…

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