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‘Curious Omission’ Noted in Indictment of Donald Trump: ‘What Kind of a Clown Joker Wrote This Thing?’

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In New York state, the accusation of fabricating business documents is a misdemeanor that escalates to the level of a felony when done to hide a crime, as any armchair legal scholar who has followed the arrest of former President Donald Trump has come to realize.

As a result, many people who saw a 34-count charge against Trump that never included this additional felony reacted similarly to the iconic Wendy’s ad from 1984, which helped kill Gary Hart’s presidential campaign: Where is the meat?

On Fox News, commentator Dan Bongino pondered the topic, “What kind of clown joker wrote this?”

Many on Twitter also noted as a “curious omission” the lack of any particular law that was violated.

District Attorney of Manhattan Alvin Bragg did not explain the indictment.

“I’m not going to go into our deliberative process on what was brought. The charges that were brought were the ones that were brought. The evidence and the law is the basis for those decisions,” Bragg told reporters Tuesday.

“The indictment doesn’t specify because the law does not so require,” he said.

In castigating Bragg in an opinion piece for Fox News, legal scholar Jonathan Turley noted that the New York prosecutor “insisted that he will convict Trump of the ‘crime to promote a [political] candidacy through unlawful means.’ He insists that he will prove ‘attempts to violate state and federal election laws.’”

“The indictment seems to address the lack of legal precedent with a lack of specificity on the underlying ‘secondary’ felony,” Turley wrote.

“Bragg has done nothing more than replicated the same flawed theory dozens of times,” he said. “This is where math and legal meet. If you multiply any number by zero, it is still zero.”

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