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Current Financial Crisis is Going to Get Worse Than 2008

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The ‘house of cards’ financial system that Democrats and RINOS created with decades of lucrative backroom deals for themselves and out-of-control spending on crazy schemes, and by funneling money and jobs out of the country to their foreign friends, may be about to collapse on hard-working Americans who have paid for it all, while the elite partied carelessly as they destroyed the country.

And now that we are powerless and bankrupt, our long-standing adversaries like as the Chinese Communist Party and Iran, many of whom helped create these tremendous social, political, and financial disasters, will certainly launch an attack.

We are in serious danger.

Because of selfish self-interests and an incapacity to address issues, we are in this situation. The majority of Democrats and RINOS enter “public service” to get access to celebrity, wealth, and power, rather than to protect the nation for the people.

This is a face. It is the government’s excessive spending on selfish and dumb notions that has gotten us into the financial mess that technical experts are discussing today.

Mike LaChance said that Peter Schiff, an investor and financial expert, believes the present economic crisis will eventually surpass the 2008 recession.

“Schiff suggests that more banks will fail, which will lead to more government bailouts, making inflation even worse.

Listening to Schiff talk, you might get the sense that our current financial system is no stronger than a house of cards.”

LaChance highlighted specifics from a NewsBusters report:

Economist Peter Schiff UNLOADS on Media Reluctance to Call Banking Turmoil a ‘Financial Crisis’

Economist Peter Schiff blasted the media aversion to acknowledging that the ongoing banking turmoil is in fact a “financial crisis” that could be worse than 2008.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Schiff highlighted America’s record-high credit card debt and the failing banks and noted that it wasn’t a coincidence that “both the borrowers and the lenders are broke.” The “reason for that,” said Schiff on the March 21 edition of One America News’ Real America with Dan Ball, “is the Fed. CONTINUE READING…

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