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Dan Bongino Hospitalized, Provides Update to Fans: ‘Thanks For All Of Your Prayers’

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Dan Bongino, anchor of a cable news program, tweeted a thank you letter on his social media platforms following a brief hospitalization for surgery.

“Doing okay! My elbow was subjected to a big clean-up procedure after I was released from surgery. We appreciate your prayers and messages. Former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer Bongino, who is now well-known, commented, “I truly appreciate that.”

Bongino frequently discusses the “deep state.”

“Why is the New York Times trying to get out front of the Durham probe? “Whenever you see these two ‘journalists’ write something, the opposite of what they’re saying is true. They are stenographers for the deep state,” Bongino said recently.

At 2021, he criticized Biden in a memorial speech:

Dan Bongino: Let’s stop not play any word game nonsense, Joe Biden is a liar. That means he lies about stuff all the time. Any word game, ‘he’s misinformed’, no, he’s a liar. His lies have gotten people killed. Go through some of his biggest lies one by one about Afghanistan and his dreadful deadly response to it. Here is lie number one. Joe Biden said his predecessor Donald Trump made a deal he couldn’t get out of.

President Biden (Clip): The former president made a deal with the Taliban that he would get all American forces out of Afghanistan by May 1. My predecessor, the former president, signed an agreement with the Taliban. By the time I came into office, the Taliban was the strongest military position since 2001.

Bongino: That’s a lie, he’s making that up. That’s what Joe Biden does best. He makes stuff up and forgets his lines. That’s not true, Donald Trump himself wasn’t bound by Donald Trump’s deal because three days after his deal with the Taliban, Donald Trump decided it was time to bomb the Taliban for breaking the deal. So just to be clear by using Joe Biden’s logic, he was locked in by Donald Trump’s deal but Donald Trump wasn’t locked in by Donald Trump’s deal. I’m very sorry if you’re a leftist and you’re falling for this garbage. This man is a liar and he deserves to be called out. That’s not the only lie. Here’s my number two. The Afghanistan of Americans for the triumph? Triumph? He left our people behind. I take that back, it was a triumph for our enemies humiliated us, as we left our people behind. Listen to Biden tout this success here of this airlift. This is absurd.

Ad Week said that Bongino’s Saturday evening program was “most-watched primetime show in all of cable news.”

Jon Doughtery provided further information on the Bongino for Conservative Brief.

In the 9 p.m. ET time slot, Bongino racked up 1.19 million total viewers. In the same time slot, CNN had 219,000, and MSNBC secured 315,000 total viewers. In the 8 p.m. ET time slot, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade received 1.06 million total viewers. CNN secured 282,000 total viewers, and MSNBC has 282,000 in that same slot. CONTINUE READING…

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