Dan Scavino Drops A Throwback Video From When We Had a REAL President In The White House

The Left can jot handle real truth. And the actually real expressed opinion from the American people, not the framed polls.

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“Barely into his second year in the White House, and Joe Biden is already struggling as he did in 2021. Not only are the same problems continuing to present themselves like the Southern border crisis, but now gas prices have climbed to over $4 a gallon. On top of that, as Russia has invaded Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy blasted Biden for not doing enough.”

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During a video conference with the U.S. House and Senate, Zelenskyy noted, “If you had started sanctions months ago, there would not have been war.” With President Biden’s popularity dwindling all over the globe, Dan Scavino Jr. decided to share a video of a certain former president who had the opposite effect.


Scavino’s Tweet of the Trump video wasn’t a coincidence as he was once the Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications. He was also the Director of Social Media under the Trump administration.

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Makes you feel nostalgic?