Dan Scavino Teases Everyone With A Video About What’s Coming

Trump is officially returning to the political arena.

Trump’s rallies are starting this month and will be a barn-burner.

Can you imagine the crowd waiting for Trump to speak? The Biden crowd will consist of his family only!

The crowd of the most beloved president ever will consist of his closest family! Those who believe in the story that Biden is the most beloved president are brainwashed.

It is the most highly-anticipated “political return” in history. Trump’s rallies since forever were similar to rock concerts. We love him because he links with the supports, and he’s a top-notch showman and leader.

Precisely because of that, Dan Scavino’s tweet went viral. We wait impatiently for Trump’s reemergence.

At the moment when the rallies begin, Trump will start sharing his message, and everyone will see how popular he is! Also, you will be the witness of Biden’s meltdown.

Biden can’t compete with Trump, so he should remain silent.

When the Dems realize that they cannot go any further, they will go into “desperation mode” to shut Trump down. However, they can’t do that!

Source: waynedupree.com